The Tteuwaiseu, so, the Tteu, and etc., as to the Tteu, and etc. install.


The camera flash of the group of reporters explodes ceaselessly. And the fruit juice explodes. It is the lemon if it is the person. The man reporters are unmindful duty for some time and stares absently at the front. When why ‘the Tteu, and etc’ Tteuwaiseu (the naked kite, sysmaticness, and Momo live. But the utmost filial piety, U.S. or everyone string, stick the soul, and Jjeu of are taken care) of 9 people was due to come back to 6 number mini album ‘YES or YES’ (yeseu it comes) with the fresh vividly. P.m. 4 on 5th, in the Seoul Gangseo-gu KBS arena hole, the sixth mini album ‘YES or YES’ showcase of the girl group Tteuwaiseu proceeded. In last April, the mini 5 album ‘What is Love?'(Wat, the Ijeu rub?) it is the third comeback after the special album ‘Summer Nights’ (the summer Knights) in last July. All Geonnet the people with the look which is alwayslike that lively and the members who finish Japan regularity activity and come back to Korea again are refreshing The stage loveable of the Tteuwaiseu which is not fed up even if it sees even if especially it sees knows why these are called as ‘the Tteu, and etc’. The horse ‘the Tteu, and etc’ combining the Tteuwaiseu and Sarangdung It is the representative nickname which the fans cause Tteuwaiseu. The Tteu Y releasing the loveable fascination is worm-eaten from the debut early because of the cute choreographing, colorful look, accent, and etc. where there is the charm. Maybe so, the nickname called ‘the Tteu, and etc’ is natural like the name of the second calling Tteuwaiseu now. It tried this way in this day showcase. ‘the south lead’ and all ‘woman’s heart’s were without a break captivated with the peculiar which the Tteu Y decorating two stages with the album this time recording song and title song is worm-eaten lively charisma. The Tteuwaiseu decorating the first stages with ‘BDZ’ which it composes Chinyeong Park who is the head of the Tteuwaiseu it is JYP head writes Coy ‘sole’ of the rice cake with beans Chinyeong Park producer the gesture bouncing chubbily and expression was expressed prettily to be meticulous. These in the scene were altogether the breath the porridge on the stage of the Tteuwaiseu in which the taste which is mixed with the prettiness to be mature to be profound and mysterious and taste is appropriately in harmony. The continued stage the title song ‘YES or YES’ The choreographing and melody which the charisma of 9 members is more clearly revealed were impressive. The housekeeping which only it includes the content that it has only the answer called ‘yeseu’ in the confession of the Tteuwaiseu evoked laughter giggling. The melody which the traditional synthpop, reggae, and arena pop is added built and the by itself exciting atmosphere. It was the tune in which the lively energy of the members is more emphasized. The sysmaticness, and Momo lived. But the part which showed off the colorful personality and the utmost filial piety, beauty or everyone string, stick the soul, and members of 9 Jjeu demanded ‘yeseu’ from the choice which I propose and shows of small but sturdy build fascination was especially impressive. ‘the Tteu, and etc’s were not at a loss with the smile which it is bright with the lively energy for the showcase which 1 hour is slightly over. 11 month weathers were cold and passionate the early winter came, it was informing. However, the month child went up the scene to the bright energy of ‘the Tteu, and etc’ and stage manner warmly. The Tteuwaiseu in which the debut in the third anniversary changes into this year There was no hard look, the members finishing the showcase laughed with a smile and told the aspiration to bravely.energetically. “3 anniversary was congratulated with the fans and many ideas got. It is unbelievable to be active in Korea as ten songs in 3 years. It is over the year 3 and draws more by the year 30. It adds longer and would like to enjoy.
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