The youth of the eternal bare feet and ‘the funeral ceremony performance to be the divinity’


The surviving family and co-actor/co-actresses are hearsing while the funeral ceremony of the actor Shin Sungil is held in the Songpa-gu Seoul ASAN Medical Center funeral hall as the movie tension in the morning on 6th. After all, all Geodwot the breath it had been receiving the anticancer therapy from the hospital located in the Cholla province the deceased got 3 verdicts at June last year It was the nap the steps as the movie man such as planning the movie among the fighting against a disease and stepping on the Pusan International Film Festival red carpet, etc. The people of all social standings including the broadcaster, member of National Assembly, and etc. came to the condolence prepared in the funeral hall including the cinema world at last fourth and the deceased was mourned. The actor Aengran Eom who is the wife and Sanghoh Kang member of National Assembly who is the children nephew sat up with the corpse and the mourner was greeted. Meantime, the high Shin Sungil made debut through the movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ of the, that is the age of 23, year 1,960 Sin Sang-ok director. It was developed into the actor that appeared in ‘the youth of the bare feet’, ‘story of the Youth’, and work of 507 volumes of ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’ etc. and represents Korea of 60-70 s after. It succeeded in the actor Aengran Eom and the debut work meets marriage in 1,964 and the sensation changed into the couple of the intensity.
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