TRUE part and baseball player Daeeun Lee and love affair… comeback news, simultaneously.


The love affair became a subject of discussion between the survivor program ‘the Eon pretty rap Starcraft 2’ native wrapper TRUE part and KT weeds pitcher Daeeun Lee. As to the afternoon on 6th, TV report, the wrapper TRUE part and baseball player Daeeun Lee reported as the passionate love middle. 2 people met by the introduction of the acquaintance as the fresh couple who 2 months enter for the first time whether 2 people associated according to the report and it developed to the sweetheart. As much as it is the love first stage, be aware of the surrounding and it dates carefully and these have been being the love. TRUE part imparts the new albums news this day in the morning in 2 years. TRUE part is planning to release the new mini album ‘Rudeu’ on the coming seventh at 6 p.m. He come into the spotlight as the voice which the program looks previously like the wrapper Mirae Yoon to the Mnet ‘the Eon pretty Labstar’ season 2 champion from the beginning. The baseball player Daeeun Lee played an active part in U.S.A Chicago Cubs minor league. It went over after Japan and the game was run in the Chiba Lotte Marines group 2 and it is the plan to run the game from the joining an organization and next season in the present KT weeds.
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