Yaedam Bang and topic.” with ‘YG jewel case’Was the acid alike?


SBS audition program ‘2 K pop star’ native Yaedam Bang is becoming a hot issue between the netizen. It is due to itself survivor program ‘YG jewel case’ trailer which it opens in YG entertainment (under YG). The netizen is seeing Yaedam Bang and the reaction called “the elementary school student was already big in this way” is being shown. On 5th, in the Portal site and on-line community, yaedam Bang growing suddenly was seen and it was well ” transformer rough, whether. When being young, it doesn’t know no more than voice and ” (plat****) “it is expected to Yaedam Bang sing” (cara****) ” Yaedam comes out now if it is how. All Naat ” (rane****) “yaedam Bang acid the tableau likeness” (kiss****) ” Yaedam Bang fascination money everyone to put the child so far The voice of ” (rrd7****) etc. was made until prospered. Yaedam Bang became a hot issue in ‘K pop star’ season 2 with the unlike other people ability previously. He who is the winner of the second place revealed the participants at adult and equal ability in spite of the young age at that time. For several years trainee lived and He entering after YG entertainment revealed shape with ‘YG jewel case’. However, as to netizen, the reaction rolls “the group is not and it has to come out in the solo” because his ability was peculiar. The Sollogasuronaoneun crab naked bud is displayed than “yaedam Bang solo singer would better train” (zmfl****) ” Bangyedameun idol. ” (dbsw****) etc. opinion is expressed with the person of real ability. YG published ‘YG jewel case’ trainee person image in VLIVE and YouTube on 5th. ‘YG jewel case’ is 7 people including Yaedam Bang and the trainee who ‘YG jewel case’ is the male group debut survivor program, that is the god which YG entertainment launches, is revealed with 1 as the round belongs in A group group. As to each personal images, the performance ability representing the profile, the greetings and each one was contained. The looks in which it grows was among these shown with the charming voice shown Bang example who is the car trainee in 6. The netizen is expecting in his ability. YG “it is the plan which it will introduce 29 jewel case trainee beginning with 5 days over 4 days altogether until 8th” revealed. After that, it added “the ability of these will be informed through the simple greetings of 29 people and performance image to the dictionary and the next owner will start the intense survivor competition from ‘YG jewel case ‘ first broadcasting on 16th”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737340.htm, 2018/11/06 00:00:02]