‘YG new family’ light water battle formation, realize,…The little Yaechin Sohn ‘


The interest is concentrated in his Filmography while the actor light water battle formation signs YG entertainment and exclusive contract. As to yG entertainment, ㅇ gave the recruit news which the light water builds with formal report data on 5th. The light water battle formation signing YG and exclusive contract is the actor setting in the road of the actor in 2012. The sensation is coming to the actor career of the light water jeans with the agency transfer of registration news so far. The light water battle formation debutted as the KBS drama ‘the man of the equator’ in 2012. At this time, he who begins to get the attention as ‘yaechin Sohn similar shape’ played a role of the childhood of Yaechin Sohn in the KBS drama ‘shark’ in 2013. He got this injury KBS acting award Rookie of the Year award for the heroine of the morning drama ‘eunhee’ and in 2013. The Rookie of the Year award was gotten on the twenty second time Republic of Korea culture and entertainment target drama category in the next year and the possibility was proved. After ‘secret love affair’ ‘the bluebirb of the home’ ‘the weight lifting fairy Kim Bogchoo’ ‘the mail Ro hole leak’ ‘Eonteochyeobeul’ etc. Braun tube was activated and the eye contact was put for TV viewer. His Filmography is not confined to the drama. The light water battle formation showed up in the movie ‘the man user manual’ beginning with the supporting actor Mira Kim station in the screen frequently in 2012. It appeared in ‘the scary story 3’ ‘the case notebook of the king’ ‘the disappearing night’ and the strong Filmography had been being tramped with the active activity. YG entertainment told “if it emitted light more, it will be fresh the stable acting ability which the light water gin holds will be good” “his alldirectional action will be supported with the happy mind”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737338.htm, 2018/11/06 00:00:01]