Are ‘the entertainer businessman’… big bang victory and 2 rabbits all caught up to?


There was no filtering, the group big bang wi showed the nap of the global business Ga. It is VR (virtual reality)) after the ramen restaurant this time. He who engaged the active activity and puts the definite point at the world of singers with the group and solo singer started the andonce new challenge, ‘the headlock (HEAD ROCK) VR’ new business presentation opened with 7 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Sinsa-dong lounge pub S653 in the morning. The presentation with the triumph was proceeded against to the creative diretor of the Co social network, that is the domestic AR and VR representative company, the inauguration. The headlock VR’ is the brand name which takes notice of the gear used in VR experience in the head and which the victory makes directly. The sense of ‘the rock’ that it delights the head was contained. The victory which derives the good result and gets to get ‘the succeeding entrepreneur’ image from the business of the various department including the restaurant business, and etc. It succeeded in expanding the business to the IT area now and launching ‘the headlock VR’. ‘the headlock VR’ is the first business of the IT area which the triumph hosts. I who It become the topic explained the rumor that this day triumph is inaugurated as the president to the IT area corporation recently. ” (social network) Suwang Park representative saw my young energy and He solicited for the presidency but I wanted to be faithful to the full-time job, the other business was being run and I had many employees following me with “***”. It felt uncomfortable to become another leadership in business. So, the doctor that it will participate as the creative diretor was told and revealed. The victory was strongly spoken as ‘the goal of the life’ in the past big bang debut time to inspire ‘pleasure’ to the so far many men. Then, the reason why He rushes suddenly into the business of a bit unfamiliar (?) field of R is what. ” I am acting for 13 year Jjae big bang and He is running the various businesses. Common one would like to become the man who the various fields can give the pleasure to many people “***” to consider the men cheerfully. So, ‘the Fun (pleasure)’ maintained my identity harmonized with this new business with ㅇ and the opportunity which it gets to let the foot in the IT industry was explained. The of small but sturdy build aspiration was told to another as the direction and director whose VR business which I launch will have to advance in the future. The triumph in can be globally taken globally through the various stars and cooperations, saying that it will be “one to It become ‘ headlock VR’ enjoying the game with my voice” this. It will approach friendlily that fancy will be realized. It will try to the utmost that It will become the brand which many men can enjoy easily, they revealed. The business was expanded to the IT area but it is him who will not place the influence of the entertainment world activity. In order to will reward the fans inspiring the love which there is a lot of ” this year, the victory will be active doing the best. My entertainment world activity of was always taken notice and it made a request. The outcome gets attention if the victory getting the public many loves as the entertainment world activity where there is the perseverance becomes distinguished in the business of the IT area in 13 years after making debut.
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