It becomes ‘the rising star’ which the girl group dream note and girlfriend surpass (synthesis)


The girl group dream note (alee Yoo, LARA, micro, Sumin, silver streak, and scratching farewell it sees), that is 8 groups, threw of small but sturdy build candidacy. The full age average 17.1 years old of the members It was the aspiration that it will deliver the special energy of the teenager to the public, the debut album ‘the Deurimnaikkeu (Dreamlike)’ commemoration of sale showcase of the dream note opened with 7 with the day in the Yongsan gu Hannam-dong blue Square child market hall at 4 p.m. The Deurimnaikkeu ‘ projected on the reality of 8 girls dreaming of the debut and expressed the course in which the Deurimnaikkeu ‘ advances to the new world it was the space of the dream. It is the plan to show the fascination colorful of the dream notebook in which the room of the closed dream and door is opened like ‘blooming’ course where the flower is bloom and which is changed. In the agency IMe KOREA, the dream note is the girl group shown for the first time. ‘DREAM (hope)’ and words of the ambiguousness expression of ‘the dream (hold)’ and ‘NOTE (the space of the children)’ back was merged and ‘the dream is offered to the fans always and this dream is together realized’ included the meaning. ” dictionary bus king stage and showcase stage which is this day member infant was made. However, the stage of we is the beginning and entirely it is tenser more than the other day. The energy which our ‘the Ttingeul U.S’ (the teenager beagle U.S) overflows as much as it will practice eagerly will be well transmitted and the debut impression was revealed. LARA is ‘ this everyone dream ‘ if ” dream note is expressed in one word. ‘this everyone dream’ is the meaning of ‘so, only all, the dream note Deurimnotteuhaneun outlet’. To will be the steps and convey the fresh visual and knife group dancing which can be said to be our advantage of small but sturdy build aspiration. The title song ‘the dream note’ filled fullness with the housekeeping of which the determination of the girls and powerful energy is included with the tune which was bright as the rat as the upbeat pop base in 60’s and of which the atmosphere which it was clear and cool, is full stands out and self confidence when it comes on stage. First of all, ‘the dream note’ is the tune which David amber (David Amber) giving birth to ‘the Yeseu (Yes or Yes) it comes’ of the girl group Tteuwaiseu, ‘the heart shaker’, ‘the Love Bug’ of the girlfriend, and ‘the rub night (LOVE BOMB)’ back of the professional games Miss court lady composes. With respect to this, the tune was gotten with the star composer Nim using the tune of the popularity girl groups, including ” Tteuwaiseu · the girlfriend seniors. The dream note cannot be made. Blood and sweat leaked us and it practiced. Late dawn was recorded and the good song came out and it told strongly. The inorganic of the dream note distinguished from the different woman Idol group is what. All Moat the member “the unlike other people amount of practice” the mouth The group coyote Kim servant Min saw the stage of the dream note according to the encounter servant announcer taking care of this day MC and did you have the talk that the enormous amount of practice is felt? The stage of the dream which the members hope the KBS2 music program ‘the sketchbook of Yu Hee-Yeol’ It told with the reason “our tune would like to present the stage of the genre as various as the dream note phosphorus”. The group Shinhwa was pointed out with the role model. As to the members, are not you active as for a long time good teamwork? When seeing the stage and, the passionate done looks was constantly seen. Even if the order by age was accumulated, it was the passionate mind that it did and would like to have a long run and we gave an answer. In the meantime, release the first album ‘Deurimnaikkeu’ through every kind on-line sound source site p.m. 6 on 7th and start into the real working.
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