It succeeds to get ‘the interest chasing’… sympathy with the diet reality all.


The diet process opening to the public of the girl group native celebrity was notified. It is directly, the talk of the singer and actor DANA. The news that He comes back to the diet reality program is given and the attention of the world is dragged, the self esteem recovery reality program ‘ of ” DANA 6 days cable channel life time makes the wing DANA ‘ again. It revealed come on December 4th first broadcasting “. Moreover, after the teaser whose every day of increased DANA is contained was previously introduced, debutting as 1986 formers, 16 years old young ages into the world of singers, it is active as Grace in girl group and is DANA of which ‘girl’ image is big to the public. All Kkeureot the eyes DANA opens the personality which the other appearance is quite funny with the old days the weight increases much in this program teaser’it suspects’ the majority netizen watching the teaser reacted. It was once surprised at the weight gain of DANA. no. 2 was surprised at the unexpected recent condition opening to the public. Why the weight loss project course is suddenly shown to the public, it is one. The course where He regains the self esteem realistically where it diets so that the wing DANA ‘ pity ” DANA can reduce the weight again will be jollily served, the plan was shown. However, the easy-going personality which the only the weight increasing in the revealed teaser shows in the broadcasting so far is felt as it is and it is difficult to agree easily with the explanation that it is ‘the process where it regains the self esteem’. In the topic chasing from the program first broadcast, it succeeded. It attracts attention if the public consensus can be stimulated and the diet process which really DANA will show can learn the good feeling.
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