Junchoo Jeon and denial of suspicion…” in the trialIt is blinded by Nancy Lang and acquaintance alienation.


The Junchoo Jeon (the house call battle formation) go through Pop artist Nancy Lang and divorce procedure denied its own charge, the eighth trial of Junchoo Jeon charged with the morale and embezzlement charge with 6 with the day by Seoul Central District Court in the morning proceeded. Junchoo Jeon was previously handed over to the trial according to the charge taking care of 100 million won and charge which doesn’t return the imported car after taking this 50 million won with the security after taking the foreign car of A Ssi possession saying that 1 billion won Chinese ceramic ware will be passed to a Moon professor last year. And then, junchoo Jeon whom it has been denying adhered to “and, it buys, there was no embezzlement doctor” the existing position in this day trial. After the trial ends, the house call battle formation is admitted to make a mistake on the Xports news and interview from ” morality. The portion to be taken the responsibility was asserted to be one ” which is proceeding with the justice in order to correct the portion which goes wrong “***” to take the responsibility. ” acquaintance alienated and Nancy Lang He was and pocketed. The reason why it gets to get Nancy Lang and divorce to be one ” which was intoxicated with the fantasy that it prevented the communication of Nancy Lang and I downright and did ‘the husband and relationship is adjusted’, “***” Nancy Lang can gain the fortune and which was blinded by the betrayal and slander and alienation and which it gets to pass was explained. In the meantime, the suspicion of swindle nineth trial, as to come December 18th progresses.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737489.htm, 2018/11/07 09:24:47]