Minchung Ban whom it feels victimized, it loosens and remained one the occupation worry


The actor Minchung Ban (38) sheltered from the sexual molestation about the actor Cho Deokje (50· one’s real name Cho interest Je) and it won the case in the justice. However, one remained for him is the occupation worry only. It is due to tag called ‘victim of sexual harassment’. Minchung Ban insisted to avoid to cast me after ‘sexual misconduct case’ in the cinema world. When suffering ” damage from rape in ‘the actor A rape incident’ guiltiness of the Supreme Court decision connection press conference on 6th, in order to conclude the problem through the judicial system, He tried. This result was dragged. Nevertheless, it was being pushed out in my column and I expressed. Minchung Ban accused saying that it was sexually molested among the movie ‘there is no love’ shooting from the Cho Deokje on April, 2015. Supreme Court set the original judgment in which the imprisonment sentences to the probation year 2 in the trial at the Supreme Court of the Cho Deokje charged with the charge including forced indecent act dentiform, and etc. in 1 in concrete in last September. It is the result that it obtains after offense and defense Minchung Ban be: extended over 40 months. However, his future was horrible. Minchung Ban blushed “when it will be the actor but I will don’t know if I can act more without reservation” the eye room wool. In spite of making A be enough the work which my I will have to install the courage, it is unable to breaking away from the social eyes and prejudice and the sexual molestation-related victims are suffering the damage of the second so far. Minchung Ban is like that. Minchung Ban would like to see the future hope than despair. There are these trying for the change, these would like to inform. It got tired much and is really beyond the capacity. Why I fought, whether why the career was introduced and it made a comment, whether these who have to make the responsibility by all means, the substantial power in the cinema world wanted to appreciate and it raised voice. In the meantime, it emphasized “in the inside of cinema world, it has to be changed in advance”, saying that it was “one which the development of cinema world is difficult in case of in case of turning away from the right to work · violation of human rights and damage from rape”. As to a person who concerned entertainment world, the sexual molestation victimized case happened customary so far. However, the time to pull out this root clearly came, many these had to be aware of this situation and be careful now and so that the victim didn’t may appear “***” any more he told.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737464.htm, 2018/11/07 00:00:03]