‘persona’ first steel opening to the public… IU the wholehearted praise ‘among the hot rolling’


The singer IU comes back as the actor Ijieun again. The short movie series ‘persona’ manufacturer Seuttik Mi entertainment (under Seuttik Mi) opened the Jang of ‘persona’ still image you to formal report data on 7th. In IU starring original series ‘persona’, 4 internal directors disentangle one heroine with the respectively different eye line. The photoes show ‘so long, it doesn’t go bad’ of Philsung Lim director, ‘the rub set’ of Kyongmi Lee director, ‘crime’ of Koun Jeon director, and aspects of the work content IU of ‘walk for the night’ total you of Chonggwan Kim director. Each image is putting the looks in which IU is playing the yoga in the fields, looks which receives the tennis wear and glares at the somehow, plain looks wear the gym suit, and looks which holds up the wine glass and which it stares at what successively. Seuttik Mi reveals the. Lineup where the Chung-mu road actors are all called out previously such as Dona Bae, number of the damage caused hail, Taehun Kim, Iseonguk, leveling circle, and lead is sweet including IU taking ‘persona’ series upon the first leading roles of a movie, etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737496.htm, 2018/11/07 10:13:30]