‘return in 5 years’ Eunhye Yoon and dispute of are robbed and it makes a comeback.


In “3 year ago official meeting, it seemed to be much insufficient in have ask to the apology. Apologize again. It is sorry to arouse criticism and give with the disappointment. It gets to make an art work after long interval and is more nervous and is tense. Who isn’t caused to many people due to me (it is anxious). (So) it is happier in the place. In order to show the bright looks, it is trying. The gratefully many people help and are taking a picture cheerfully. The actor Eunhye Yoon returned to the drama ‘the anticipation watch’ after long interval. ㅇ the first broadcasted MBN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the anticipation watch’ informed the start of the anticipation explosion romance by the feast of the characters the personality overflowing from the dynamic first meetings of Eunhye Yoon and ceiling order on the 31st of last month. The previous work ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’ was jumped over at the initial with the audience rating of the whole country 2.8%. The first place of day end piece audience rating and successive generations MBN drama (the) best record was changed. The expectation for the heroes became larger more. It was unable to calm till ‘controversy over history’ surrounding Eunhye Yoon in spite of this hospitality of audiences about the first show after comeback and interest. It was unfortunate but did some apologize among the netizen before “3 year? One that the apology which it doesn’t was insufficient what(popi****) The, “was the word that it doesn’t use my name the apple?”(ldsw****) The, “is there like that no actor?”(RTubi****) When coming out of the, ” drama, becoming and apologizing now. It revealed one’s heart truly, it pointed out through the criticism text of ” (your****) etc. ◆ the past adverse criticism surrounded the success of ‘the anticipation watch’ audience hospitality half and clothes dispute on plagiarism “the method of reaction immaturity accreditation” Eunhye Yoon is the plagiarism. It was sold at the tens hundred million won and the costume which insists that He designed in the China east satellite TV design survivor program ‘the fashion season 2 of the credit’ in 2015 occupied the first. The suspicion was suggested because the Yunchun Ho designer who is the operation Jung plagiarized its own collection clothes the immediately after brand Areukke. Eunhye Yoon management company got the reference in ‘ corresponding season trend after a few days but the suspicion of piracy was spurned, saying that it was this. The problem was the method of reaction about the raised dispute at that time. Although under the circumstances could hire the suspicion enough, while it was conclusively illegal as there was no probability with the plagiarism, the dispute was raised. It did the relevant designer “the formality apology and explanation to would like to be listened” but rather confronts strongly ‘the noise is not marketed with the name of Eunhye Yoon’. In conclusion, ‘as to the relevant design, the plagiarism is right’ the position was revealed and the elucidation was poor. The misfortune on top of misfortune this flowed so that the public opinion didn’t may be good in China at that time. It reproached strongly China actor “the program was altogether operated” appearing in ‘the fashion of the credit’ “the program which the designer who decides to collaborate takes the proxy examination, plays the show as the stars make after the designers complete all already”. The state of mind writing was uploaded on its own We walking far later but since being far from the apology which the sincerity is young, the sympathy of the netizens was unable to be gotten. ◆ someone can install the representative actress ‘the acting ability expectancy’ mistake and wrong succeeded ‘LOCO daughter’ Eunhye Yoon comeback and girl group from. Only, the width of the forgiveness and understanding is changed according to the way that it loosens this. As to writer, “even though the seriousness of debate was well known, this was unable to be loosened so that there can be the authenticity” listened the repentance from the representative of agency later. However, the regrettable idea about Eunhye Yoon is constant still. It is due to idea that it got about on controversy severe bee although the fatal case center the very person like the DUI auto accident was not. It protests to the entertainer middle getting involved in the adverse criticism of the incidents, saying that it is “the rubber band measure the return standard is excessively voluntarily”. Even “rather it is better to from the beginning set the period of the steaming according to the issue” says insist. ‘the He ㄹ is young if it how is stuffy’ wants on the other hand. Important one is not period of the reflection or the return standard and it is the public mind. Even if no matter what, the long time for is exercised self-discipline, if there is no authenticity, even if it returns, it be supposed to fail. It joined in BabyVOX in the third grade of middle school and was active as the singer and was cast in the starring in the drama ‘palace’ in 2006 and Eunhye Yoon changed into the actor. It was the steps and the relatively stable pension fund ‘the vineyard this man’ and ‘the Coffee Prince first branch’ was made hit in spite of the concern of which the acting ability was not verified. As to the actors from girl group, even if there is too much, there is not a lot of the hero gathering the perfect success with the acting ability. Expect the acting ability of ‘LOCO daughter’ Eunhye Yoon coming back once again.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737484.htm, 2018/11/07 08:38:33]