“the car, by oneself,… the app is called out” SKT and car sharing autonomous navigation demonstration


If the car sharing (the vehicle sharing) car was called out due to the smart phone, the technology which the round comes by oneself to the customer location was developed. SK Telecom proceeded with the autonomous land vehicle demonstration event for car sharing in the Kyonggi-do Sihung-shi Baegot life Park nearby road 2.3km range with Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport and Korea Highway Corporation, Seoul National University, Sso car, SWM, and etc. in the morning on 7th. 5 autonomous land vehicles which this demonstration jointly develops were used as the event showing ‘the autonomous navigation base car sharing service description development’ actual proof assignment nature whom the Ministry of Land supervises with SKttelrekkomlee Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and etc. It is the vehicle which it remodels the Genesis ‘G80’, Hyundai Motor ‘the child ionic’, Kia Mptors Corp. ‘K5’, ‘ray’, and ‘with you’. In this day event, 100 people whom SK Telecom and Sihung-shi and Sso car recruits took part as the experience group. The experience group inputted the departure and destination on the smart phone app. The autonomous land vehicle was called out. The paging figured out the experience group location immediately. The around autonomous land vehicle arrived in several minutes. If it arrived at the destination, the next passenger was found before and the autonomous land vehicle was moved. If there was no more passenger, the car moved by oneself to the around car sharing parking lot and the paging for was waited. Connect the customer · car of the location in which after ‘the car sharing Yong autonomous navigation artificial intelligence (AI)’ is the nearest. Find the optimum driving path before. It talks with the control center and traffic light through the communication module mounted in the inside among the triving and the car shelters from the risk factor. SK Telecom is the plan which combines the next generation mobile communication (5G) in the future and makes the autonomous navigation and calling for vehicle and autonomy parking technology in higher level. Additionally, the technique which combines the perform and automatic driving technology and traffic system and can solve the traffic jam is studied. The Chinhyo Park SK Telecom ICT technology director “back 5G and artificial intelligence can conclude the social problem with the substantial portion with the traffic jam, traffic accident, and etc” told “it will strive for the related technology development for the autonomous navigation age which is safer and is convenient”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737548.htm, 2018/11/07 15:36:12]