The damage caused hail battle formation and honor firefighter appointment…”If the fire protection safety awareness rose.


The honor firefighter comes to the actor damage caused hail jeans. As to the stingy agency mountain movement, the damage caused hail battle formation was appointed as the fire department honor firefighter as formal report data on 7th. The damage caused hail battle formation is chosen come on November 9th honor firefighter appointment ceremony, that is the day of the fire fighting, as the honor firefighter and comes out on every kind of activity for the fire protection safety in the future. This honor firefighter appointment prepared in the fire department in order to appreciate the hole of the damage caused hail battle formation has positively been take an active part in many donations for the firefighters and volunteer work so far. Since the damage caused hail jeans found the fire station on the fan and relation putting the firefighter father according to the agency in 2016 and the pains of importance of the fire protection safety and firefighter was gotten to know, He had been providing the so far various publicity and support activities. It appeared on the fire protection safety commercial film that set out for the firefighter calendar which is written on the fund helping Busan firefighter and firefighter dying in the line of duty as Roh guarantee model and aims at the people as the maintenance-free. The agency which it is stingy in order to produce the image at that time supported the entire amount of production cost. The damage caused hail battle formation conveyed “the awareness about the fire protection safety of the people wanted to rise more by this activity” the impression, saying that it was “it is always thankful for the appearance of the firefighters who don’t spare for our safety”. Meantime, proceed with the honor firefighter appointment ceremony of the damage caused hail battle formation in Kyonggi-do Namyangju-City center 119 rescue command capital area speciality rescue team on the coming ninth.
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