The first broadcasting D-DAY ‘it is ever good’ points of interest three


While when KBS 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ (the/direction this urticaria the script Im is stood) met today, (7 days) TV viewer, the points of interest in which the producers can watch the drama increasingly enjoyably was opened, ‘it is ever good’ starting to featuring the broadcasting with 7 with the day afternoon turns the snob Chinsang Baek (geehwan Kang) head and He over a new leaf. It is the drama which is the second base that it is lap and which it draws the office standing electricity of the agent. The popularity webtoon of the same name was done with the original and it was more and more exciting with the time loop. It points. But can the hate senior officer be renewed? The points of interest of the drama the common subordinate can renew the hate firm which surely one person for each is in the company and firm which the person doesn’t know the roll it is the gin differential The employee standing up to the rough words of the immorality senior officer strongly appears and it is planning to be several times and the fun done the Jwirakpyeo rock the immorality senior officer is planning to be presented. Two point and Geehwan Kang X Baek Chinhui X the consonance X the Baksol U.S.X class the string the Jjeum the coldest day of the year republic the veteran actor which is worthy of representative get together altogether and the synchronous rate which is close to the perfection to the webtoon be expected to be shown. It studied to detail from the appearance till the talking manner and the Geehwan Kang (chinsang Baek opposite) changing into the worst rough words senior officer ‘ tried for the degree of concentration of the audiences. The Baek Chinhui (it accomplishes and is disgusting) be expected to show off the peculiar fascination which is of small but sturdy build and the energy overflows. The resonance is the determination that it will stir the embargo on the exportation and will show the character which will be sly and is the freedom wild on the occasion of the agent Gangjun smallpox through the colorful facial expression acting. Class string Jjeum, moreover, will express the problem to the walking mind with the acting ability where there is the retrocession. If it turns eyes as much as company tabloid edition is actually connected, the point set, sympathy hundredfold, and joys and sorrows drama ‘it is ever good’ of the employee seems to lead the empathy of the audience to the character where there is the number to be seen in where. It is the authoritarian president, head of a family who works in order to take care of the home and working feeling, and contract work from the immorality senior officer calling the fist till the inside the bone but the characters who the heart in which the sense for the real overflows till the youngest employee overflowing than this someone is prinkle appear and eye and ear the passion are planning to be tightly filled. The plan which in addition plays a role because the drama center office which seems just to see the desk of me of my company isMeantime, KBS 2TV TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ can meet the Oh (7 days) in 10 o’clock TV at Wednesday night.
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