‘the hidden camera suspicion’ addition the last tiger and ‘suspicion of injury’ Koo Hara…, side by side, the taken over by the public prosecutor’s office


The girl group KARA native Koo Hara and ex-boyfriend is sent to the recommendation for indictment in the prosecution. The Gangnam Seoul police station revealed to send the ex-boyfriend final tiger (27) of the Koo Hara (27) and He to the prosecutor on 7th this week. The suspicion of injury that it finds, as to the exemption law violation · property damage, including, suspicion including the Shanghai · threat · enforcement · the sexual harassment punishment, and etc. the final tiger is applied. The fact that there was no agreement, most Ssi takes the photo of Koo in secret was confirmed and the sexual harassment punishment law suspicion was added. All Badat the investigation by police with the assault incident these rising previously from the villa which the Seoul Gangnam-ku is located on last September 13th 2 people stirred conflict with one side and both parties violence yes or no but Koo insisted “most Ssi had the put movie with me in the past and it threatened” and it accused the addition of the charge including the enforcement, threat, sex offense punishment law, and etc. As to that time, Koo, the accusation accused most Ssi of the sexual harassment punishment on law image circulation charge at that time but the charge in which most Ssi spreads the image to the other man or on-line was not found out. However, the photo which after police investigation result most Ssi didn’t have the Koo Ssi agreement, it shot him is found out and the charge is added. Moreover, the fact that it breaks the Koo Ssi door of the house with the assault incident with the fist at that time is confirmed and it is booked on the property damage suspicion. As to police, about gotten hurt Koo corresponded most Ssi to Shanghai in the both parties violence process. It decided to send to the recommendation for indictment. The police officer added “it progressed to the both parties assault incident and was diverted by the woman target crime case to the additional complaint of Koo” “the woman target crime exclusive charge criminal investigator, cyber crime exclusive charge criminal investigator, and abuse exclusive charge policeman (APO) back was inserted and it made assurance doubly sure for the investigation and the secondary damage prevention”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737547.htm, 2018/11/07 15:54:18]