The perfect word of mouth…’The perfect others ‘ and unsealing 7 the day the Jjae 2 million the audience breakthrough


2 million accumulated audience was attracted and the movie ‘the perfect others’ made the comedy movie box office record and once this year, the day before movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu · manufacture film monster) ranking about 179,100 audience and about 2.0289 million the accumulated audience according to 7 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network and the box office 1 of is taken care. It increased. Because the box office first place is maintained continuously since opening, all eyes is turned on the 31st of last month. It is faster than the perfect others ‘in the first half of this year hottest popularity domestic movie man which 2 million audience breakthrough speed records 5.2013 million accumulated number of spectator’ supervising ‘. It is and the fastest performance speed among solder 한 comedy movie and successive generations 10 month the solder 한 movie this year. The movie premiere movie, this year, solder heartburnings comedy movie ‘my world (126,700 people opening)’ espionage: About 274,100 audience prisoner higher than the returns ‘ (235,100 people opening) is ranking and it records most till the opening score this year. All Geuryeot the talk which the perfect others ‘ gets wider by the game opening the detail including about it comes on during the limited time from the couple meeting of the friends to the cellphone it loses in 40 call, text message, messenger, and etc. compulsorily Chunga Yum Geesu Kim eulogy Ha gloss Kyonghoh Yoon, and etc. made the Jojinung ether which it makes the actor harmfulness came forward by the star and the hot rolling was performed. After ‘the perfect others’ the audience 8,200 Yeo people (about 58,000 accumulated audience) and ‘the magic watch hidden in the inner wall’ the same period ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ the audience 85,000 Yeo people (about 874,500 accumulated audience) and ‘rampancy’ the audience 14,000 Yeo people (about 153,000 accumulated audience) and ‘paulos’ record the audience 7,300 Yeo people (about 184,400 accumulated audience)It connected.
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