The pretty hand is better the actor hand is better.


The unexpected word came out of his mouth. “my looks would like to be shown than the beautiful looks who is the woman’s unpainted face.” (24) which the hand prepare the meeting with the audience is better by the movie ‘the Yeo cry’ told in this way. Rather the body was overtaxxed and the pretty appearance and He who is likely to be prim wanted to be immersed in the work. While the pretty appearance is enough on stage. In ‘the Yeo cry’, sonnaeun undertook the woman jade powder station having the solar calendar doing the tragedy of the one’s family the strange which it gets to face. It is the cubic cast which has to be the charisma expressing the desire which is inherent with being mysterious the steps. The movie and book which the director recommends for this character was read and Sonnaeun about was worried. The scene checked the lines one by one and one by one carefully and it prepared. It was the character which pursues to be perfect. It should prepare thoroughly before working. Not, then, acting in a sweat, of that is reflected. So, it checked carefully one by one. It goes to the site in reality, it is different. There was a lot of the variable which can be changed in the scene and the ability which I deal was insufficient and ‘Mebnung’ came. As in ‘the Yeo cry’, because the large-scale role was the first time, even when being confused, there was too much. However, he could be said to be the course where these a series of appearances learn. “it had my style to it prepared completely as much as I could be satisfied and practice. However, because also it was needed, it learned much to immediately deal with the variable.” It was the quadrupole horror movie on the first leading roles and was in various ways hard place but as to Sonnaeun, the way gone to the set said be happy. There was the time which shot nearly everyday and when it rests about 2~3 day and it was so empty. So, eaten one was 4 held and it went blindly to the set. It had the director and talk. The slate was hit with the assistant director youngest and it had the various experiences. It was interesting to been making the work altogether. The man who contributes much most in making this film had the actor thumb won. In JTBC drama ‘no child’, 2 people finishing the kite is living with the line and junior interval which is good after. ” thumb circle senior invited to the house. The scenario was all from first to last read. One which I read was connived. The senior was taking a picture at that time and it pays attention one by one and thanks. When the performance was not talked by “” A pink members, asking, then it was more interesting than ” acting advice with the scene, Sonnaeun answered as the chapter ” which the scene was interesting, writes these talks. The matter of concern installed the Sonnaeun of 24 year old as “only, the movie” recently. It has only the movie idea until now. Feel this feeling for the first time. The album work tried much. However, it is the beginning to put and release the movie and realize the anticipation and tension. It seems to be strange to a few days sleep is unable to be slept and become. He, as to Seasea Bae laughed when asking “the love is not Bottom”. “was the dash against likely to be much hit?”Sonnaeun gave an answer “the expression of the interest against was much hit but because of having the style watched long, the timing get to+seem to be missed and it seems to be like that” when doing. In the meantime, it added “because when the experience is needed to act, it has not to do but wants”. Sonnaeun soaked the foot in the movie with ‘the Yeo cry’ properly. How the future of was dreamed as the actor and was he? The adaptation which ‘ actor hand is better yet is not Dwae. The current movie was done and the word that it is ‘the actor who is the hand better’ was much taken and it is awkward. It calls like that, thank you It would like to become the actor that is suitable for this name in the future. It would like to become the beloved actor. Isn’t the meaning which is abundant in the qualifier beloved called actor included? (Smile).
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