The reason why the perfect others becomes in Geesu Kim and ‘the perfect others’


The movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu) broke through 2 million audiences. As soon as the word of mouth is taken from the unsealing, it opens, the hot response of the audience is gotten. Also the actors opened the confirmation shot feeling good to the success of film news. However, there is a is unable to laugh among these person. It is the actor Geesu Kim. The appearance in which the harmful battle formation, Jojinung, Chunga Yum, this paper weight, eulogy Ha gloss, and Jaegyu Lee supervision congratulates 2 million breakthroughs was included in the photo which the distributor Lotte entertainment reveals on 7th. The aspects of Geesu Kim playing an active part as the star among these is not seen. It was due to be excluded by the publicity constant as ‘the drinking interview’ in which there is previously adverse criticism. Geesu Kim for, 40 minutes were late for the interview prepared for the movie ‘the perfect others’ publicity on the 17th of last month. At that time, the agency NamooActors explained “it doesn’t get in touch with the field manager”. However, Geesu Kim drank the day before liquor much and it was late for the interview in fact. Here, it passes the reporter, also, “the box can be like that”. However, the attitude of Geesu Kim was the problem. There was no apple. The tongue interviewed with the twist state. When the group of reporters judged that interview progress was any more impossible, then Geesu Kim told “the feeling is bad” “it asks because it can answer”. The drinking interview of after him floated onto the sleep and increased. There was adverse criticism. It had an influence on ‘the perfect others’ having the unsealing ahead. It revealed the dispute after ‘the perfect others’ pity “geesu Kim is taken to the meaning of the steaming from all public relation constants” and was excluded by all public relation constants including the VIP preview as well as the interview, stage greeting, and etc. The people of which there is a lot of the performing actor says drop out and it doesn’t become a problem but one in which Geesu Kim in charge drops out from the central axis of the movie alsoso good shape is not. It met with 26 days, the production crew of ‘the perfect others’ told “the things of Geesu Kim is really sad” last month. After that, it added “when there is altogether the actor · staff with the mind which the movie wishes to go well because of the movie in which everyone suffers and which makes with Eussyaeussya”. When the cloth was the speed where there is ‘seasung Ahn’ mobilizing the movie man ‘it is- causality along with the god’ and 5.44 million name audiences among the Korean movie performance TOP3 in 2018, then ‘the others considering the Wan rice’ loved as Hoyeon of the unique meterial and actors broke through 2 million audiences with the overspeed than ‘supervising’.
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