The star Gangho Song coming back to ‘drug king’ of the legend


The movie ‘drug king’ in which the actor Gangho Song and ‘insides’ Minhoh Woo director joins hands got rid of the veil. The film studio hive Midieokkoppeu opened December which opened the teaser poster putting up the star Gangho Song of ‘drug king’ for the front side on 7th and which it comes. The art which it puts the movie the story which the drug king of the legend comes to the smuggler without in 1970’s basis in which It became the patriotism if it exports the narcotic ‘drug king’ teaser poster opened with 12 month unsealing decision does to feel the unlike other people grand appearance of the actor Gangho Song and charisma. He is resentful in the current work as the drug king Yi-du hemp of the legend. Gangho Song tells previously the impressions participating in “the movie ‘ drug king ‘ is the new work which it gets to discover the aspect which it could not see in any kind of genre of the Korean movie and which is fresh and which is exceptive” the work. The unlike other people affection and passion was born against in the current movie and Gangho Song ran out the best for the shooting so much. All strings the credit the attention One in which the actors of which the acting ability is solid join in ‘drug king’ such as making Cho Jung-suk, Dona Bae, Sochin Kim, Daemyeong Kim, Ihuijun, and encounter besides Gangho Song, etc The joining of the veteran actors is the power doing the work more abundantly. Minhoh Woo director making the box office record of the movie all-time high which the ask will blow finds the megaphone and the strong soft output is expected. Open ‘drug king’ in which Gangho Song and Minhoh Woo supervision and veteran actors add up the strength on December, 2018.
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