TRUE part ♥ Daeeun Lee and meeting “any kind of combination?” of the wrapper and baseball player


The Mnet ‘the Eon pretty Labstar’ from wrapper TRUE part (25· Kim Jin-Sol) and KT weeds pitcher Daeeun Lee (29) fell in love. As to the netizens, “it is any kind of combination” is reacting because of meeting of the surprise of 2 people. On 7th, in the Portal site and on-line community, the congratulated writing is pouring into the unexpected love affair of TRUE part and Daeeun Lee. However, saying that it coincides with the day when the album release date of TRUE part and love affair is reported in some people, there is the reaction if it is not PERNUM:3S for the marketing. “the success the song of was come out”(chut****) the negative voice of “it checks that album comes out and the Jjap future Dap truly the love affair” (xxdr****) “because of the article squanders to come out of the album it suffers” (ehow****) the etc. part netizens is coming out. The netizen worrying about the baseball grade of Daeeun Lee stops. Daeeun, Is the time when you will fall in love now? With the baseball that it is horrible, it does ” (na82****) even if even if it does the next year sexual imagination. The inside You exempted, it stands but is amazed, see in ” (tgr1****) ” sports section. The Daeeun military ” (kkli****) “the baseball the Jal injury wild baby” (4130****) “Daeeun, Is the time to fall in love now?”(joys****) it is the back. At last sixth, TRUE part revealed through the agency CJ ENM “it is associating the now good feeling with Daeeun Lee”. 2 people met by the introduction of the acquaintance for the first time and was known to develop to the sweetheart. TRUE part drew attention with the appearance and rap ability resembling Mirae Yoon to ‘the Eon pretty Labstar season 2’ champion. It appeared in the Mnet ‘the Syomideo money 6’ in last year and today, (7 days) announces the first mini album ‘the Rudeu (RUED)’ at 6 p.m. It contracted with the year 2,007 American Major League baseball Chicago Cubs in which the shoes was rising and which is being in school and Daeeun Lee played for the minor league since 2008 by the year 2014. Since 2015, 2 years were active in the Japanese pro-baseball Chiba Lotte Marines and joined the Kt Wiz through the rookie draft second naming recently.
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