TRUE part mini album ‘the Rudeu (RUED)’ issue…’The girl crush ‘


The wrapper TRUE part gets the new album and it returns to the world of singers. TRUE part HN S H Q take care of PR of TRUE part sold ‘the Rudeu (RUED)’ with formal report data on 7th. ‘the Rudeu (RUED)’ is revealed to every kind on-line sound source site as the mini album which TRUE part announces for the first time p.m. 6 on 7th. Her that it breaks away from TRUE part which it is known with the compound word of the Rudeu (RUED) ‘***’ the Rude ‘with’ TRUE part (Truedy) ‘ to the public and it shows the nap of the musician settling down as the music of me musical spectrum into can be peeped. As to the title song ‘very rare’, the title expressed the life style of TRUE special part as it is. The tune ‘ sung as the Kim Jin-Sol (TRUE part one’s real name) which ‘the cache out mommy (Cash Out Mommy)’ implying the attitude of ‘the Rudeu (RUED)’ and concept in addition to the album, ‘the Icheu sickle pair (It’s Not Fair)’ which it tells the height foundations, ‘the wonder night’ getting the inspiration from the night of the city, and they part which TRUE are known to the public are notIt is the day mole which it hangs out and the tracks which the back is various are collected. TRUE part according to the people concerned, on the coming eighth at 6 p.m., all Chireun the comeback hazing with the title song ‘very rare’ in the Mnet ‘M countdown’ and recording song ‘the cache out mommy (Cash Out Mommy)’ stagePreviously, TRUE part admitted the baseball player Daeeun Lee and passionate love at last sixth.
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