‘V.O.T. the E’… U.S. mid-term election and Hollywood it is barefoot ★


Hollywood star demanded the American off-year election which 6 days (local time)s start for the hot interest and the vote for was encouraged and run. The Dikkaeppeurio and aspects of feet in which the vote says American future that it can change the future of the children are impressive. The mid-term election progresses in U.S.A with the president between the while in office in 4. This has a sort of interim evaluation about the current President with house and senate and governor of state · state legislator election. The situation where especially this mid-term election is charged with the intense confrontation structure aspect of the trump and Obama and the interest of the whole world is concentrated The campaign that it shows its own political stance in Hollywood star who are in this interest in the politics moreover SNS or positively participates in the vote is performed. Even if it was the rear better, Dikkaeppeurio uploaded the shooting voting encouragement image on its own Twitter with Raedeu Beu pitt, William Pitt at last second. Dikkaeppeurio will become ” our life the most important election in the image. It is important than the presidential election. It told to be one ” to gets to affect the lifelong influence. Surely must go to the polling place to the feet, moreover, “6 day. Vote. Your voice was given and it appealed. Dikkaeppeurio uploaded the writing related to the mid-term election on 4th its own Twitter followed two days. He recommends that surely the men using ” Spanish vote. It wrote to be the way that this will change the future of this country. The meaning that it has to interrupt the half (half) immigration policy of Neoldeu Do trump Administration by the power of the Hispanic voterBecause of voting to the Beure decene democratic candidate to bloom in the preliminary election selecting the Tennessee Senator by Instagram, the pop star tailor swift showed the political stance publicly. The swift encouraged the vote of “want the leadership which one extremism is not based on the fear” “as to the preliminary election, the election day is 6 days till the Thursday (the past 1 day)” American. The actor Tom Hanks authenticated the preliminary election. He opened the vote envelope photo to its own twitter. As to Hanks, as to of ” election day approaches. Your ticket any edge It become American. It voted to your conscience and the vote was encouraged. The broadcaster Ppeura Oh Ppeuri Win, moreover, ‘VOTE’ (it votes) uploaded the image who wore the T-shirt which the phrases writes down and encourages the mid-term election vote on its own Instagram.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737471.htm, 2018/11/07 00:00:03]