Hyangki Kim and Hanyang University department of Theater and Film 19 student number freshman “acception by rolling admission”


The Hanyang University 19 student number freshman comes to the actor Hyangki Kim. The agency NamooActors of Hyangki Kim revealed on 8th, “hyangki Kim was accepted by Hanyang University department of Theater and Film selection on demand with the last”. It passed at any time and Hyangki Kim whom it reveals that it will not enter previously for the College Scholarstic Ability Test received the university certificate than the peer quickly. In addition, ‘- phosphorus along with the god and kite’ interview progressing in broadcasted SBS ‘the genuine style entertainment midnight’ attracts again in last July and there is. Hyangki Kim said in the interview “‘ is started in 17 year old and it is finished in 18 year old. 2 volumes open on 19 year old” “the high grade hypogyny years was spent with ‘”. After that, the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character is ” these days our major talking point. It spoke as ‘the fragrance is anyplace included in the college. But’ ” and the unlike other people affection for Hyangki Kim of was made a boast. As to Hyangki Kim, who is 2,000 formers the entertainment world debutted as one advertisement in 2003. It appeared after movie ‘mind’ ‘cherry tomato’ ‘wedding dress’ ‘the wolf boy’ ‘the elegant fabrication’ ‘attention’ ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ ‘- causality kite along with the god’ etc. majority the work. Hyangki Kim is having the new movie ‘yeong-Ju’ (the supervision Sungdeok Cha) unsealing a period ahead on the coming 22nd. Presently, JTBC drama ‘ten eight’, that is the telecast schedule, for is received proposal in 2019 and it is examining.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737652.htm, 2018/11/08 14:51:18]