‘it is ever good’ smoke first of the ten celestial stems and splendid comeback of Geehwan Kang


One acting ability was certain. While the actor Geehwan Kang came back to the Braun tube to the new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ (the direction this urticaria most gloss seat), the immorality senior officer Chinsang Baek was properly captivated with the character analysis force which is close to the perfection. Geehwan Kang table Chinsang Baek that it made efforts for a long time and studied So, it was fresher and was cubic. And the handyman show which doesn’t cherish the body was shown and Geehwan Kang captivated the immorality senior officer Chinsang Baek in KBS it was the exceptive evaluation, is broadcasted with 7 with the day afternoon 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ 1 time. The character who Chinsang Baek has the personality which it cannot stand if it listens the information which it is busy because of shifting the responsibility to the team members and is even a bit wrong In spite of being confined with the malfunction of elevator, it didn’t hesitate to shake and check the sense diary of the full working mind one by one and tell off if it was the perception. It was sufficient that facial expression acting colorful of Geehwan Kang playing a role of the snob action of Chinsang Baek cunningly evoked the smile of the audience. Among them, there was separately the part of which the effort stands out. The smoke taking directly, the liquor of Chinsang Baek The everyday delicate difference was put and the aspects of Chinsang Baek appearing as the appearance which is drunken in the day when the death is repeated was due to be unusually expressed. The difference was put from the tone color in the scene including the tone, expression, operation, and etc. and He raised the realism and immersion power with the acting ability which mixes the time Rippeu setting up which seems to be tedious if it was to blame at the slightest slip. It is ‘it is ever good’ informing the start before now just now. Eye and ear of the audiences are leaning any kind of change in the fresh story if it is the steps. Meantime, it is the snob Chinsang Baek chief and second base (the Baek Chinhui) that it makes him the repentance and the drama, as to number of every week and ten o’clocks of thursday afternoon are broadcasted by the affliction Jang office standing electricity of the agent.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737606.htm, 2018/11/08 09:50:13]