Minchung Ban Vs Cho Deokje doesn’t end until it ends.


The actor Minchung Ban · Cho Deokje offense and defense started The front refutes the captain of Minchung Ban after when the Cho Deokje gets the irrevocable judgment in Supreme Court with the penal servitude with the probation in 1 in 2 He said to Minchung Ban “the Neul Eo is building the distorted interpretation”. The Cho Deokje “it complained about the cinema world not to cast me (minchung Ban) and the smile comes out just” “the audition is eagerly watched to be cast” wrote on its own facebook in the afternoon on 6th. When suffering ” damage from rape in ‘the actor A rape incident’ guiltiness of the Supreme Court decision relation press conference, in order to conclude the problem through the judicial system, Minchung Ban tried previously. This result was dragged. Nevertheless, it was being pushed out in my column and I expressed. After that, he spoke as “the end that it avoids to cast me by the reason of rising to the malicious gossip in spite of being the victim was much taken” “the modern member of society it is the human the learned tools is not”. The Cho Deokje refuted this kind of speech of Minchung Ban squarely. It seems to gloat because the start when the sexual harassment, that is the cinema world long practice, disappears because of me “the joint committee in which Minchung Ban is the escort warriors of one end was accompanied and the press interview was held” came to him. It did that fact was seriously mistaked and the Neul Eo was building the distorted interpretation. After that, it spoke as “the cinema world practice where there is not about was said such and such and the cinema world co-worker and before and after pear wanted to be no more insulted” “the conscience is not legally judged”. Minchung Ban accused saying that it was sexually molested among the movie ‘there is no love’ shooting from the Cho Deokje on April, 2015. Supreme Court set the original judgment in which the imprisonment sentences to the probation year 2 in the trial at the Supreme Court of the Cho Deokje charged with the charge including forced indecent act dentiform, and etc. in 1 in concrete in last September. The Cho Deokje comes on 7th sports today and it doesn’t have the change that I assert from first to last in the interview. It had never lain and I told. After that, he adhered to “in the trial process, continuously the end of the partner was changed. The contradiction because of this, and etc. was pointed out but after all, it was the work which is so hard because one person answered” the feel victimized attitude. In the meantime, when as to Cho Deokje, as to the Minchung Ban “it is deplorable to take that way for me interest” ” casting doesn’t come. Will it be and not to avoid if would you get involved in this feel victimized thing (in the cinema world)? If the person knew, it will be good, he told. After Minchung Ban explained on the audition related statement in the Xports and interview. He told to be “one the word about the movies development this talk is done the part which also I can do how as the actor is not this Yae ㄱ was worked ‘ several year should be rested thought the side took a break for ‘ several year I was excluded from the audition itself”. In the meantime, he told “the public misunderstands this part and it is really the situation top and bottom in fact”, saying that it was “I am one member. I am not one hosting in-situ and it is not one where there is the power which it can be like that to me”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737574.htm, 2018/11/08 00:00:02]