‘rittel Ma’ · ‘the heart signal 2’ Minchoo Yoo and marriage announcement…”Who is it?


Minchoo Yoo joins in the married woman rank in the beauty woman party. The netizen showed the Deung confused reaction called “it will don’t know whether it will be the someone” “is it one which It becomes the sensation because the brother has the drifting people up?” to his who is the people marriage news, the comment depended on the marriage announcement of Minchoo Yoo on 7 days Portal site on a real time basis. The reaction is the most if it doesn’t impose so to the marriage news of the people be ranked in the search word higher rank and be announced as the formal news. The career, appeared in the channel A ‘the heart signal 2’ as MBC variety program ‘MI little television’ and Hyunwoo Kim acquaintance in the past all. The netizen in this “who is it?”(gpfl****) The, “this person brother the drifting people permanent post?”(eodu****) it was caught by the word that it is the, “jul that the drifting people on gets married was realized” (an g****) and ” single. It will don’t know whether it will be the someone. (poil****) it felt creepy. The reason why the negative public opinion occupies the considerable is not low to recognition of the Minchoo Yoo. “the people, as to does the article write down?”(hiko****) the, “it is the people and the man opens the general in which the reserve bridegroom is ordinary by the article” (rosy****) are uncomfortable toward the media putting the marriage news of the people in a paper, it is embracing the comment of the back. Minchoo Yoo posted the posting on Instagram with the photograph leaf previously in the afternoon on 7th. He, as to Ppyeongbeomhi is doing today again even though ” marriage is put on the right under one’s nose. The reason which didn’t give the marriage news in advance, saying that the good news was unable to be reported in advance to many people, was explained. After that, he told the impressions as “the acquaintance family friend siblings which protect silently so far and wait are appreciated”. Meantime, minchoo Yoo is managing the handmade cake specialized shop Geullaemeoreoseu located in the Seoul Taewon Lee area penguin, humorous kangaroo, and public villa back.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737560.htm, 2018/11/08 00:00:02]