‘the alley restaurant’ and formation movement ‘one number of faith’ ‘ras’ was and beat.


The formation movement of SBS variety program ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ is seen to be ‘one number of faith’. It beaten and the first place of demand article talents MBC variety program ‘radio star’ which in the same time is broadcasted was possessed with 3 weeks series. ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ (under ‘ alley restaurant ‘) broadcasted according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 8th on 7th recorded 1 part 5.8%, 2 part 6.5%. It rose to 3.5% and ‘2,049 target audience rating’, that is the main index of the advertisement people concerneds, was risen per B. And Bundang highest ratings recorded 7.4%. ‘radio star’ recorded 1 part 5.2%, 2 part 4.6%. It is unable to avoid the hard fighting since ‘the alley restaurant’ moves the formation. In this day ‘the alley restaurant’, first volumes of Seoul Hongeun-dong ‘the cannonade room foundation market’ was revealed. All Kkeureot the interest the audiences get angry by the hongeo hoe Jip story digging the skate and makgeolli among many restaurants The hongeo hoe home is the restaurant which the mother and son manages. The mother struggled alone. The son didn’t help nearly. The mother installed that there was no work which ” (son) is clear and it shared. At first, it helped but it was lazy, when buying 6, the son of “***” husband was dead. Because there was no man doing the bitter words in the home, it was the same as that one, man told. Baek Chongwon whom it meets after son directly is solidly lumped with the affectation. It had to be more humiliated and thundered. Bundang recorded 7.4% most and this scene acceded to ‘the best 1 minute’. On the other hand, the pork cutlet restaurant got ‘highest in history’ praise of Baek Chongwon. It told the Baek Chongwon “even if to boil the final intestine, it is sufficient” visiting the final intestine house. He who is tedious after directly was well ” final intestine Saeu. It criticized favorably, saying that it was to run the final intestine specialized shop. After that, he, as to the instant developed the new source “the source is a pity” directly. As to Baek Chongwon, whom it visits the pork cutlet restaurant which the suspension of communication couple manages one mouth Ssik ate and the cheese pork cutlet and Deungsimkacheu. In the meantime, he was surprised “it was back from Japan at last week. It is tasty than the pork cutlet which it eats in that place”. After that, ” president can admit. All Moat the interest ‘ alley restaurant ‘ declares the kitchen check pass primally the kitchen check will not be checked ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ saves the dying bed log. It broadcasts on ‘the distance cardiopulmonary resuscitation project’ putting the course where it remodels this refreshingly every week wednesday afternoon at 11:10.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737604.htm, 2018/11/08 09:29:43]