The bulletproof Boy Scouts captivates the archipelago (BTS) and global conquest which to are gone.


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts (RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) occupied the Japan Oricon daily chart top with the single album release simultaneously. According to Japan Oricon chart, 327,342 points of first day was recorded and 9 number single ‘FAKE LOVE/Airplane pt.2’ (the Ppaeikkeu rub/child application lane Pt.2) of the bulletproof Boy Scouts bringing out was recorded in the first place of daily singles chart on 7th. This is the itself best selling archives with one exceeding 269,861 points of register of 8 number Jjae the single ‘MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow’ (MIC drop/DNA/crystal snow) bringing out last year. As to and, the bulletproof Boy Scouts, ‘FOR YOU’ (the pole Yoo) and ‘I NEEDU’ (the child need Yoo/Japanese Ver) achieved 6 series Oricon daily singles chart 1 Wi after ‘RUN’ (the run/Japanese Ver) ‘the, past 2,017 year’ blood sweat tear ‘ (the blood、 one、) and ‘MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow’ till this single in 2015 in 2016. Oh the ninth single ‘FAKE LOVE/Airplane pt.2’ of bulletproof Boy Scouts records primally the first with Korean singer in American ‘the Billboard 200’. The total of 4 tunes including the odontolith) remix, and etc. was collected. Meantime, the Kyocera dome osaka beginning with the bulletproof Boy Scouts November 13 and 14 days Japan Tokyo Dome, stadium of Nagoya, and Fukuoka YahuokkuHold ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ Japan dome tour in the dome.
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