The executive director steel ♥ big Floron and beginning of next year marriage “the speeding is not” (formal)


Couple of younger man and older woman were and born with a couple. The member Ron (27) of the music video directors executive director steel (38) and Boy group big flow gets married with the beginning of next year. The age gap of 2 people are almost 11 year old. The Big flow agency A Chiou company revealed on 8th, “the Ron and Sakang Lee get married after 6 months loves in 1” “it is know to meet by the introduction of the acquaintance”. “the speeding is not” answered as “it is not” to the question. In addition, a Chiou company “tell to the wave everyone surprised by the marriage report which the day is reported of the consent” wrote on the formal fan cafe of the big flow. The agency told “it became the support and the Ron military and Sakang Lee director brought the over and in 1 for 6 months pretty meeting” “the agency which got to introduce the marriage doctor to the agency carefully the opinion of the en and decision decided to be cheered after that”. After that, it apologized “the part it is unable to ask the wave everyone to the public knowledge in advance which not to anticipate and which it gets to come across through the article offers the words of the apology truly”. In the meantime, it added to be “the schedule that event which it was planning it had the meeting with the wave everyone on December 22nd concert, that is the schedule middle, in Korea proceeds smoothly”. The executive director steel was enveloped in the children member Kevin of the group empire and love affair on last May 31st. At that time, the executive director chaining downhill denied as “colleague”. The boyfriend whom He was meeting was the Ron in which Kevin is not. Korea and Japan is come and is gone and the Ron debutting as the big flow is active in 2014. The executive director river is making the music video and CF, and etc. with the music video manufacturer Jani Brothers position director.
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