The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character · Ryu Seongryong starring ‘kingdom’ and zombie genre Korea U.S.…, surprisingly, the season 2 announcement


The leading roles of Netflix original drama ‘kingdom’ held the expectancy about the drama in reverence. ‘netflix See What’ S Next which it notified season 2 in advance, the day is held in the Singapore numbers or the bay Sands with 8 at 3:45 p.m: The face-to-face communication with the Asia ‘the drama, that is the open schedule, in this coming 2019 on January 25th’ Kingdom ‘ (the script Eunhui Kim · direction Kim Sunghun) panel proceeded. In this day face-to-face communication, the Kim Sunghun director, Eunhui Kim writer, and actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong attended. As to Dona Bae, the schedule on was unable to participate and the people was replaced with the image. The Kingdom ‘ is the mystery thriller drama painted 15, 16 century sir Joseon the truth shame wrong about the human power, hunger of the people, and struggle history which confronts this and fights as the background. As to this day Kim Sunghun director, the zombie calling as ” Phytophthora blight patient comes out. It thought that there was the pleasure when the tension static and dynamic of which the human greed and horrible Phytophthora blight patients make to be beautiful the Joseon Dynasty met. The soap opera was introduced as the art ” which this point is full. Eunhui Kim writer writing the drama script had the interest in ” usual time zombie genre. It regarded as the Cree office of ‘hunger’. If this is loosened with the Phytophthora blight, it be thinking about+get to thinking about be how and plan, the scene which “***” is cruel comes out much and the expression is impossible on the existing drama platform. It planned since back in 2011 and was difficult to be connected by the script work and the agony in which it tilts to the script was expressed. In this drama, crown Prince plays the adventure moved toward the good sovereign ear boil and Ryu Seongryong which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character performed the disintegration hot rolling on the basis of the phycology week having the desire for the power and hunger. Dona Bae tried in order to solve the Phytophthora blight. It was resentful as the stepdaughter Seo rain who is the character hold the key which is important in the pole. The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character is the work. It was confident to be one ” to enjoy beautiful Korean culture. In addition, the most international platform Netflix met with the story in which ” everyone can sympathize. If many people felt the synergy, he will be good, he said and the expectancy was added. The season 2 production fact of ‘kingdom’ was surprisingly revealed after this day face-to-face communication ended. The curiosity for the season 1 was more amplified. This event is connected by the Asia the first multi title lineup event in which APAC media, the corporation and business partner takes part after Netflix Asia launching in 2016 until 9th.
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