The investment…’ in Netflix CEO Hastings ” storyOne ” that Kingdom ‘ whole world is loved


8 days at 9:55 a.m. ‘netflix See What’ S Next in the Singapore numbers or the bay Sands the international on-line streaming service Netflix CEO lead Hastings emphasized the advantage of Netflix: Asia’ opened. In this day event, each country in Asia about 300 Yeo people reporters attended and it listened to the story of Netflix and lineup announcement. The history of the lead Hastings (Reed Hastings) founder and CEO entertainment was explained and when requesting, it could watch immediately. 3 including the personalization, sharing, and etc. was pointed out as the advantage of Netflix. After that, the story and worldwide ” we invests in the story which is most excel. The entertainment is the quite important intermediary. Through this, it gets to realize one. In Netflix, when the audiences wanted the story jumping over the culture, it personalized and provided and explained. In this day event, introduction on the works having the opening to the public ahead, face-to-face communication, and etc. proceeded. · is produced with our country work until see the camp starring drama ‘the first love is the first time’ which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu for the saddle Dona Bae starring drama ‘kingdom’ (the script Eunhui Kim direction Kim Sunghun and 12 month prearrangement to open to the publics) and index number Chung stick unscrews (· direction dirty dust seat ·2,019 year prearrangement to open to the public in the script Kim Min) and Kim Sohyun starring drama ‘it rings if it likes’ (script this zinc (Zn) west. Leena feeling ·2,019 year prearrangement to open to the public) and variety program ‘ criminal, directly, you There is the season 2 ‘ (in 2019, the prearrangement to open to the public) before the opening to the public. The lead Hastings mentioned ‘kingdom’ and predicted “when it thinks that ‘ Kingdom ‘ is loved within the whole world”. This event goes on as the Asia the first multi title lineup event in which APAC media, the corporation and business partner takes part after Netflix Asia launching between two days in 2016 until 9th.
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