The JBJ95 and ‘the Ppaenaen star’ rising star 2…1 Wi?


The duo JBJ95 climbed two Deoppaekteu manages Wi of idol daytime rank site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ rising star. JBJ95 put JBJ95 name in two Wi of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ rising star with ‘platform’ on 8th. JBJ95 brought out the debut album ‘platform’ on last October 20th. The wind of 2 member Sang germs of 95 formers and Kkentta that it will think always of the fans and will be not to lose the first intention and ambition was included and JBJ from Sang germs and Kkentta formed JBJ95. The title song ‘the platform (HOME)’ expressed the mind of that it spread around the hard street and could start again because there were the waiting fans 97 Leebee Je the. Presently, it is the impact. It is expected if the increase in ranking can be accomplished during the vote period which the JBJ95 coming back to the sensitive performance remains. Meantime, the vote of 11 months first weeks with is proceeded in ‘the Ppaenaen star’ from last fifth until 12th.
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