The Kyongsu Do X damage caused hail number starring ‘the swing kids’, on December 19th, the electric shock unsealing


The movie ‘the swing kids’ brings fresh ‘heung’ to the motion pictures industry during Christmas season. The swing kids ‘ (the supervision die steel Day · manufacture Co. Annapurna film) distributor NEW revealed in formal report data on 8th that he decided the release of a movie things by December 19th. ‘the swing kids’ is the new work which ‘speedy Scandal’ ‘sseoni’ ‘the dishonest gambler-god’s hand’ Hyeongcheol Kang director offers in 4 years. All Darwot the birth story which but the movie the heart beats the prisoners’ camp in Geoje and mob dance which only it is solidly lumped with the passion for the dancing in 1951 All ones are different but the language the nationality is these stories keeping up hands and feet with one passion about the dancing gradually. Kyongsu Do playing role of the starring the number of damage caused hail played the trouble maker ‘the Ro base number’ of the prisoner of war camp no permit interpreter ‘Yangpalnae’ of which 4 languages are possible. Redeu Ja Grimes is resentful as the love Kkun ‘byeongsam Kang’ which has to be famous as the leader ‘jackson’ of the mob dance shift so that Chungse Oh can visit the wifeThe different meterial that it is the fresh energy of the young actors and tap dance team of the prisoner of war camp I becomes more and more and ‘the swing kids’ is planning to present the new synergy where there was no in the ago my special fun according to the distributor.
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