‘the life first dinner show’ antitussive and “among the stage preparation startled all of a sudden”


There are ” this dinner show and I to accomplish nicely it is little afraid. Only it is the year 2 whether the local activity is paid off and it stops at the national stage. It will be the changed eye line and the Ba which it will stay in the interest Moreu. When it will be like this, it will be not to lose the first intention and the passion will be more shown and it will beat more and more. It will repay the love of which will be excessive and overflows the fans than what. Love with the inspection. The singer antitussive (28) get the attention as the base number of the young trot holds the life first dinner and floor show with the debut in 6 years. The antitussive goes up ‘the song bidding the old year out dinner show of the memory’ coming at 7 p.m. on December 18th 63 Building convention center Grand Ballroom as the title to the stage. In the national stage, only it was 2 years to take an active part on a full scale, the year 2012 made debut but it was active as the singer that about 4 is unknown. KDH entertainment (the representative Gimdohui) and exclusive contract was finished after the long being nameless life in 2016 and ‘the nice woman’, ‘intergrowth’, ‘the friend it is pleased’, and tune of ‘the love eyes half open Mul half’ back were made and it was loved. The title song ‘the love eyes half open Mul half’ of the album ‘missing’ (MISSING) released last year was called in the singing class and song festival, and etc. and was famous. The Republic of Korea art conference Rookie of the Year award was gotten last year as this popularity was reflected. This year grabbed the Republic of Korea instructor association Rookie of the Year award and MBC song best Rookie of the Year award. It have the fascination large-scale of the antitussive the tone color which doesn’t answer with 20 and in which it is to ring. In KBS 1TV ‘the song stage’, the song of the seniors including the Na Huna and Nam Jin, and etc. is digested. Tastefully it is the strong point to adhere to the legitimacy trot. 58th year of the sexagenary cycle and antitussive is the selected extent in the world of singers with the young male singer who is most hot after Sangchul Park Hyunbean Park foil Gu gloss, and etc. recently. – originally middle and old aged people pan tends to be close. There the recently young viewers seem to be considerably a lot of concern. It seems to be TV variety program appearance on the stage thanks to. The fixing is donated to the TvN article talents ‘the life bar’ as the cocktail bar Jinsajang from June last year. It is so interesting. It is the mind that it enjoys just and the special interest is given and I thank so. In 95 broadcasted at last first times of ‘the life bar’, the instruction Jjeum, Chungeun Lee, Ijunhyeok, and Hancheol Cho appeared. In this day broadcasting, the antitussive played an active part as the secret.man delivering the change and secret of the guests with the cocktail treatment serving the cocktail. – it is the work which is not easy to have the dinner show with the debut in 6 years. It is the case which is very rare in the world of singers. If it told without reservation, when the dinner show proposal came for the first time, it hesitated much. Really I can accomplish. It is that boldly it was unable to make an attempt if there was no support of the fans. The seniors outstanding of the world of singers got the story that it hesitates as much as the dinner show. – there is not a lot of the hit song yet and am there I to impress the seat for 2 hours? And this point don’t need to worry. There am I not to disappoint. The stage startled all of a sudden is prepared. There decide to be the number in which I will save well the confident special ability of the antitussive. The antitussive had the popularity identified through the KBS1 ‘jun Guk Noraejarang’ once again recently. He appeared on Chung-buk Eumsung-gun chapter broadcasted on the 21st of last month and the hit song ‘the love eyes half open Mul half’ was sung enthusiastically. The fans shook the blue balloon rooting for the antitussive and embroidered the recording studio seat full. As to ‘the love eyes half open Mul half’, it became his who is being constantly loved since announcing last year representing music. The other song festival ‘the antitussive love eyes half open Mul half’ took the name of the antitussive place this year on January.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737598.htm, 2018/11/08 09:29:16]