The model appearing the bulletproof Boy Scouts RM music video dies of the traffic accident on 5th.


The fact that the freelancer model A Ssi appearing on the col Labo tune music video of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts member RM dies of the traffic accident was known far later, the traffic accident was encountered in one road of Mapo-gu, Seoul at night on the last fifth and it was moved to the nearby hospital but A Ssi died after all according to the report of 7 days Sunday newspaper. The memorial wave of the netizens is continued when this kind of news is known. The last post which the lifetime A Ssi uploads on SNS is to write on October 28th. The netizens left “rest comfortably” “it is unfortunate” and letter of “it is happy in that place for long” back in this placard catalog comment window and conveyed the meaning of the condolence. In the meantime, it had been playing an active part as the freelancer model having the unique sensitivity. A Ssi informed the face before while the bulletproof Boy Scouts RM appeared on the music video cooperated of U.S.A famous wrapper Walle (Wale) and tune ‘change’ (Change) at March last year.
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