‘the pretty daughter wealthy family’ Gimsae Ron people and magazine model native…’The superior gene ‘


The unlike other people career of the actor Gimsae Ron mother and sisters is revealed and It is becoming the sensation. The Gimsae Ron revealed in JTBC ‘give the meal’ broadcasted on 7th that mother was the magazine model from. He told “as such is the case, (I) performance gets to be naturally done”, saying that it was “originally it was from the magazine model and the dream of the entertainer was developed and the mother gave birth to me”. Moreover, it said and the smoke ones personal history of 2 sisters was informed. While being peculiar, the mother of the Gimsae Ron has previously the Ba receiving the interest of the netizen with the beautiful face. The Gimsae Ron posted the put picture on the mini-homepage with the mom on September, 2013 and opened the face of the mother for the first time. After that, the image and photo which the Gimsae Ron and mom put together at the majority on-line community came up in last September and it got the attention. The interest about the Gimsae Ron sister is considerable. The first sister Yaeron Kim of the Gimsae Ron the movie ‘ cat: It appeared in two eye ‘the second sister Gima Ron the movie’ bobby ‘ seeing the death. 2 brothers were explained in ‘give the meal’ and He expressed the affection for the mother and brothers, saying that it was “while the mother held me, the dream of the entertainer was given up and so we get to substitute for the dream of the mother”. Meantime, ㅇ the Gimsae Ron informed the Joonang university department of Theater and Film selection on demand success in an examination on 8th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737627.htm, 2018/11/08 11:52:11]