‘the reason of the existence’ singer Gimjong ring and rookie literary award getting elected approval going on the platform


The singer Gimjong ring which is the activity Jung with the singer eulogy lighter which the world of singers is representative went on as the formal approval through the literary contest in spring. The coverage result was confirmed as one elected as the Si section man of god literary award which the national writer gateway to success monthly synthesis literary magazine ‘literature world’ and ㈔ world literary men association and quarterly publication ‘world of poetry’ supervises recently with Kim end foreign exchange bank. As to case, which is born as the writer through the literary magazine had the authority the pop singer the Gimjong ring is the first time. The imagination was said the nail maybe that “about many times got an advice on the literary magazine exhibition so far but boldly it could not make an attempt” the first entries were given a favorable reception in the afternoon and call on 8th in this way with Kim bell foreign exchange bank and it was accepted. ‘the loved work’ ‘ice flower on the window’ ‘there is no memory like the eraser’ etc. Flinders was exhibited in the section (the examiner and Suyeong Chae Jang Yun mistake Kimchon mistake Kim all) and it was chosen as the final prize winner in the Kim kind foreign exchange bank this approval literary award. The love melted in the commentary through ” (kim kind foreign exchange bank) works. The talent and endowed ability replacing the object around the sensibility was outstanding, the examiners evaluated the extreme of “***” composite art as the work ” which the level which pulled the poetic sense of beauty of him having the sweet Ri up onto and awakens the quiet sensitivity is high. On the paper the deep-black seeds of the city it eats the rice of the pain that it is the writing in which while the men as in ” old days having the collection of poem in the hand in the impression of being elected Kim bell foreign exchange bank “if the eye live about 50 years in the lyrics and melody is wound, all ones seen in the childhood are vividly seen and it is me sad” wish to increase and which is truly beautiful It will sprinkle and revealed. ‘literature world’ was loaded on October. And Kim kind change clothes prize winner holds the man of god literary award medal ceremony while over 300 writers attends from Seoul Sungdong Ward Office trilaminar auditorium on the coming 18th at 1 p.m. When buying Kim kind foreign exchange bank 7, the talented musical talent is displayed and it writes. The composition was together started. Haekyong Min caused the writing the lyrics and composed ‘mini skirt’ directly and He gave vogue to Kim kind foreign exchange bank after the singer first debut in 1985. While ‘the reason of the existence’ announced after in 1996 is adopted as OST of the tv drama ‘first love’, the heyday is most met as the thirties after the middle singer. The songs of the hundreds tunes announced so far were poor but the Gimjong ring is the tune shown painful his love with the poor story for 15 years of being nameless singer life of the Underground. It gained recognition as the singer representing the mind of the people who IMF days is difficult and 10 million record sale the late was raised so far. ‘the reason of the existence’ recorded 3 album ‘for the love’s the chapter 3 million over the chapter 2.5 million. H.O.T, Jekseukkiseu, S.E.S, FINKL, Geonmao Kim, Seonghun Shin, and etc. which was popular most were altogether beat at that time and the golden disc the grand prix was gotten.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737629.htm, 2018/11/08 12:08:12]