‘the room of Eunju’ Vs ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ and dried fish woman and fairy


It is the unexpected hot reaction. The Olive drama ‘the room of Eunju’ taking off the veil is getting the favorable comment of the viewer from the first broadcastings at last sixth. Even though it has the weakness that there was no unfamiliar channel platform and actors of which the recognition is not high and publicity in advance to says be like this, it is the word. Everyone who it puts name in the broadcasting immediately after online real time search word higher rank and it gets the support of 2,030 viewers and ‘the room of Eunju’ is in This reason peels what. The actor Ryu Hyeyeong comes forward by the hero and the room ‘ of the Eunju leads the popularity webtoon of the same name the work to the original to one drama. Ryu Hyeyeong selected ‘the room of Eunju’ as the Braun tube first show after comeback after the TvN ‘1988 it answers’ in 2 years. The drama decides on the everyday of the self suspension from office daughter Simeun week (the Ryu Hyeyeong) in which the life is arbitrarily twisted for the hub. When boiling the next down, then it had the talk which was awakened to the self interior design and in which the Simeun week restores the destroyed life. Eunju came to consider on life which made the home which it would like to live of the self interior design and which it would like to live once again. The question about ‘the life which it would like to live’ was trying to be asked to the audience looking at this. The woman Simeun week it goes to the common work and which gains the stress and which it selects the suspension from office is the response that it is sufficient to lead the consensus of 2,030 generations and joys and sorrows. One.’ that It became the favorable factor which the acting ability natural of Ryu Hyeyeong especially playing a role of the star Eunju and image makes from the viewer it could be more immersed in the dramaThe evaluation that it is a pity than the expectancy is gotten and there is the room ‘the time which it gets the favorable comment which it is unable to expect, is similar and TvN drama met the viewer in the time zone’ gyearyong fairy ago ‘ of the Eunju. It was one drama and the comparative object became the webtoon with the original altogether easily with ‘the room of Eunju’ and ‘the gyearyong fairy former’. The internal is not called into question doing the fantasy story which is a bit distant from the reality unlike ‘the room of Eunju’ raising the consensus with the realistic story in case of ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ with the meterial. The problem is CG which it used in order to restore the feel of the original. The opinion that it harms the degree of concentration of the pole due to a bit awkward CG effect for can be easily searched. Till the pattern circle, Hyunmin Yoon, and Seo Geehun, in addition, the multiplication table Mina The actors that are popular and mortgage the recognition appear a lot but the estimation that the environment which it is bright with the exaggerated acting ton assesses is rolled. The acting which it moves the webtoon to the drama, is exaggerated due to the various sides of which the grain is not right is awkward. However, the reason why the audience supports ‘the room of Eunju’ than what is not due to message given of the consolation. 29 years old Republic of Korea office worker Simeun Ju suffering from the night overtime The time when it washes between a week, eaten time, and star who unites the sleeping hour altogether and, the time in the home lives the tired life which doesn’t become no more than total of 18 hours., is small and is common. The reason why the consolation comes to the conduct like in some ways, the fool which that Eunju decorates interior of the self is done not know whether the small deviation like Eunju of it be because be dreamed while we live altogether the life like Eunju. The pretty fairy is good. However, it will be the reason why the mind goes more to 29-year-old office worker Eunju. Meantime, 12 parts drama ‘the room of Eunju’ is broadcasted in the Olive channel every Tuesday at 11 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737568.htm, 2018/11/08 00:00:02]