‘the same sex scandal’ rain wheel installed and after all, Aryun Yum hung head.


The popularity Boy group rain wheel of Taiwan enveloped in the same sex scandal installed and from Aryun Yum apologized, 7 days Chinese city or entertainment told “the agency announced the official position after the exposure report of Taiwan medium that Aryun Yum met 3 men simultaneously”. Aryun Yum inspired the serious feeling to “it is really sorry if my private life is unable to be properly processed and this situation happens” ” someone in the position door but this work took place to when finishing, was unable to arrange well and was unable to expect. It thought to be sorry for the people hiting against the hurt, it told. After that, the better man will learn eagerly as possible. It was very sorry for the family and was really sorry for the news to hurt these and it felt sorry, supports me with “***” continuously friend and fans that. It thanked for the comprehension of the agency and respect and added. Aryun Yum reported ‘the gong base right partition (between race)’ with 3 males whether it was previously the stock prices in Taiwan that scandal became a subject of discussion simultaneously. This medium opened the picture in which Aryun Yum figures out the males and mouth and had left the world in shock. Aryun Yum revealed “it comes out and everyone wishes not to expand excessively for the private interchange of the friends” the position when the dispute grew serious. In the meantime, it debutted as the member of the Taiwan famous Idol group ratio wheel Hae in 2006. Presently, it is playing an active part as MC.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737625.htm, 2018/11/08 11:50:56]