The smallpox nothing, on 29th, the comeback decision…’The Mitdeut mind nothing & fall mind nothing ‘


Change into the fall woman who the girl group smallpox nothing is mature. The smallpox nothing (the solar, by door, Hwi phosphorus, and luxurious) agency RBW revealed in formal report data “the smallpox nothing announces the eighth mini album on the coming 29th” on 8th. The smallpox nothing comes back to the album this time after the over mini album ‘the Red Moon’ announced July in just 4 months. The agency explained “the blue, that is the symbolic color of the member solar, was added and the autumn sensibility was expressed”, saying that it was “the album this time corresponds to ‘ cannonade season cannonade color project ‘ middle fall season of the smallpox nothing”. After that, it added “the autumn sensibility of the smallpox nothing that becomes mature more and more is expected”. Previously, the smallpox nothing posts the picture informing the formal SNS of the comeback. The members of 4 photo inside are stepping somewhere together and the alphabet neon sign that it is ‘M’ is seen after them. Meantime, come on November 29th 8 number Jjae the mini album is announced and the smallpox nothing starts into the real activity.
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