The tallow string and eye company and exclusive contract…’It is ordinary, being extraordinary of the center.


The actor tallow string signed the eye company (the Noon Company and saint number representative) and exclusive contract. The agency eye company reveals and like this, ” tallow string is the actor having the various faces on 8th. It would support unsparingly so that it could get attention to be extraordinary of him who it was ordinary, is latent in the center and it told. The tallow string which is getting the love which is big to the independent movie fans through the various work activities since debutting as ‘fresh start’ of Woochin Jang director into the screen got attention through the eyes in which the sensibility shown in the title song ‘it is faint’ music video of 9 month the rod heartburnings movie ‘chunchon and Chunchon’ and Lee, Yi Moonse 16 album this year is young and excel acting ability. Especially, the starring supreme sagacity station of the movie ‘chunchon and Chunchon’ is the work which is invited to New York museum of modern arts to the melancholy which many 20 latter halves has and character showing the frustration including the twenty first time the Pusan International Film Festival winning the best director award through the 67 time Berlin international film festival forum section and new the directors the new the films 2,017 and shows the strong acting ability of the tallow string. . The tallow string conveyed the joining impression with the promise called “it will become the actor that it will prepare sincerely always so that it will not may be changed for the first time to intend to do and acts”. Meantime, seulki Kim, Ryu Hyeyeong, Bakhui copy, Lee Min-ji, Hancheol Cho, and etc. belong to the eye company.
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