‘the traffic accident death’ model Wooyeong Kim who? The telegraph tarTo SNS star


The model and tarTo yeast Wooyeong Kim passed away by the traffic accident. 26 years olds of one’s age at death The star today reported on 7th, “the traffic accident was encountered by the p.m. 5 on 5th half an hour which Wooyeong Kim is over in Seoul Mapo Bridge and it died”. It was moved to the Sinchon Severance hospital right after traffic accident and CPR was done but in conclusion, Wooyeong Kim passed away. Wooyeong Kim is SNS star that engraves the tarTo on the whole body including the face and becomes famous. He appeared on the collaboration tune ‘change’ music video of the bulletproof Boy Scouts RM and U.S.A wrapper Walle (Wale) and gave notice of the face last year. It played an active part in the music and fashion field in 2,019 S/S HeLa Seoul fashion week stage opening last month Local and foreign fans are leaving the text of the grief in his Instagram. Pray the heavenly bliss of “the heavenly bliss of the dead is prayed to live in the young age” (ehgm****) “3 Ga the dead. It is unfortunate, if ” (gwgo****) “it is the young age distance between two stages and expresses deepest condolences” (shnm****) ” motorcycle is passable, don’t take in the young age. The reactoin which is the sincerity ” (gran****) back unfortunate was shown. The funeral parlor of Wooyeong Kim was prepared in the funeral hall drawing Gwangju Metropolitan City Buk-gu and today, (8 days) mid-day carrying a coffin out of the house was kept strictly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737649.htm, 2018/11/08 14:52:26]