The vocal group 75 house number, on 8th, ‘it closes the ears. Still’ release


The vocal group ’75 house number (75 Street)’ comes back as the information. The agency Eo vein music conveyed through the report material “the second opinion digital single ‘ ear is prevented p.m. 6 on 8th, it brings out” on 8th. The new musical composition ‘it closes the ears. Still’ is the lyrical ballad song disentangling the pain of the parting which many men can sympathize with the housekeeping used realistically and melody line sensitive. The voice of the members was added to the warm sensibility matching the weather which becomes chilly. After the new musical composition ‘it closes the ears. Still’ which it is 4 group vocal groups consisting of the time, Gyeon gin prefecture, HwnagHee, and most multiplication Ho when Kim spreading with 75 in which it debuts as the album called ‘the signal is changed’ installs, spreads with 75 being put on sale, it has been being the active musical activity on last June 22nd.
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