Be more expected as “19 student number freshmans” Gimsae Ron · Hyangki Kim · Chung Dabean and future.


The Gimsae Ron · Hyangki Kim · Chung Dabean loved for the child actor gave side by side of the university success in an examination. It went on to department of Theater and Film and these loved from the childhood due to the strong acting ability expected the future more. The agency YG entertainment of the Gimsae Ron revealed on 8th, “the Gimsae Ron was accepted by 2,019 Joonang university department of Theater and Film selection on demand with the last recently”. The performance in Seoul arts high school is given up in 2016 and these who are abundant in the success in an examination of one Gimsae Ron are congratulating Homs cooling. The Gimsae Ron informed the name through the movie ‘uncle’. All Badat the interest He spreads the impressive acting ability on the young age at that time It appeared in the work in which after ‘the degree is white’ ‘neighbor’ ‘manhole’ etc. is various and the acting ability was piled up. The movie ‘neighbors’ sharing with Dongseok Ma opened on the last seventh. It 19 years old cloths the actor Hyangki Kim become the Hanyang University 19 student number freshman. His agency NamooActors revealed “hyangki Kim was accepted by Hanyang University department of Theater and Film selection on demand with the last”. Hyangki Kim spent the high school days with ‘along with the god’. ‘along with the god’ starting to featuring the shooting in 17 year old, as to 1 volume was opened in 18 year old. 2 volumes were due to be revealed to 19 year old. At that time, in ‘along with the god’ set, it is the rumor that the performing actors attracted with the problem of entering to school to Hyangki Kim. Hyangki Kim the entertainment world making debut as one advertisement was donated to the movie ‘mind’ ‘cherry tomato’ ‘wedding dress’ ‘the wolf boy’ ‘the elegant fabrication’ ‘attention’ ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ ‘- causality kite along with the god’ etc. majority the work in 2003. It is having the new movie ‘yeong-Ju’ (the supervision Sungdeok Cha) unsealing a period ahead on the coming 22nd. The agency Han and barbarian Brothers revealed that Chung Dabean which it is known with ‘the icecream girl’ was accepted by Han Yang University department of Theater and Film selection on demand. It is Hyangki Kim and same class. The Chung Dabean informed the face through the ice cream advertisement in 2003. It stopped after drama ‘the wonderful life’ ‘the life is beautiful’ etc. and the steady acting ability was spread. Recently, ‘do you kiss in advance?’ It appeared in ‘Kijeoken Yeop she’ ‘rebel’ ‘in prison’ ‘she was beautiful’ etc. and the strong acting ability of was made a boast.
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