Does the Hyeongcheol Kang supervision ‘the feebly, feebly’ Bakhye number and Boyeong Park · Shim Eunkyong follow?


It became ‘ (PICK) ‘ actor new of Hyeongcheol Kang director who the number of Bakhye makes ‘speedy Scandal’ ‘sseoni’ etc. The curiosity is becoming larger if the number of Bakhye can join in this rank as much as Boyeong Park, Shim Eunkyong, and etc. get previously on ‘the performance actress with the Chungmu’ rank as the work of Kang director. All Geuryeot the birth story which as to ‘the swing kids’, the prisoners’ camp in Geoje and heart of the mob dance group ‘the swing kids’ which only it is solidly lumped with the passion for the dancing beat in 1951 The number of Bakhye undertook no permit interpreter Yangpalnae station which visited the money Beolleo and gets to dance till the dance among the pole. As to Yangpalnae, 4 languages are almost the possible person. The number of Bakhye digested the foreign language acting including the Engilsh as well as the song and dance, Chinese, and etc. for this part. The looks it appears previously on SBS ‘4 K pop star’ and which has boasted the unlike other people singing skill and which He shows in the movie holds the expectation in reverence. In JTBC drama ‘may of life’, the number of Bakhye debutting as the SBS TV show ‘yong arm’ in 2015 undertook the Yueun ash role and let the public know the face. In ‘may of life’, the freshman station which there is a lot of the shyness was carried out so that there can be the percentage of completion and He was given a favorable reception. The heroine column was taken over and after debut showed off the unlike other people potential energy of ‘new actor’ in the TvN drama ‘the introvert boss’ in 2 years. In the movie ‘there are you and that place’, it appeared as the daughter role of Kim gloss seat and the stable acting ability was spread. However, while the bout acting ability adverse criticism cleaned with the SBS TV show ‘saimdang and diary of the light’ put the debut early, it was not the disappointment long to the public. As much as that, it attracts attention if the number of Bakhye can recover the acting ability dispute from this ‘the swing kids’. Supervisior Gang was on the number of Bakhye “when the new actors and feeling which it felt when working was equally felt from the previous work” and revealed through “the Yangpalnae character was digested into the ability to concentrate surprising of about in which the direction will be needless” the distributor NEW. In ‘speedy Scandal’ (8.24 million people), previously, supervisior Gang discovered Boyeong Park. In ‘sseoni’ (7.36 million people), sora Kang, Chinchoo Park, Bomi Kim, and Bora Nam etc. New actors were discovered. The new appearance of Shim Eunkyong was dragged. Like this, it attracts attention if the number of Bakhye of ‘the swing kids’ can be loved as much as it is Kang director where there is the primary object and sense. ‘the swing kids’ opens December 19th come to the new work which Kang director offers in 4 years.
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