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One reporter key Earles T Ppeulla one reporter key Earles T Ppeulla publicly apologize to the Korean actor Suhyun for the racialdiscriminatianal speech. The shape that is unable to defeat in the threat and that however it apologizes in the forced The criticism of the netizen is becoming fierce. It becomes about this much, it is ‘the global disgusting face’. The key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla uploaded the written apology of the palm pattern on its own Twitter at last eighth. Ppeulla was written “it got to have the crime ‘ actors of the animals which the movie ‘ is mysterious and Geurindel Wald and interview last week and was happy”. After that, the idea the door which ” I throws toward Suhyun is heard ignorantly held in the later. Engilsh, as to me, as to my native language is not for Norwegian. Because of being very impressed by one that Suhyun could read ‘harry Potter’ with Engilsh in that part from the young age very, it had that question and explained about the racial discrimination dispute. Ppeulla was come out through ” mail and the families got the severe and horrible threat. And the numerous media is calling me into the racist. It was my heart badly hurt and the pain of was complained. He would like to tell that it feels sorry for ” Suhyun and Jeura E Miller. Suhyun guessed the eagle. If it is the case, I forgived you to install disagreeably and it apologized. The Ppeulla proceeding previously with the movie interview as the reporter had the racialdiscriminatianal question among the interview toward Suhyun. It paid to Jeura E Miller and Suhyun ‘harry Potter was read anytime’ and Ppeulla answered Jeura E Miller “6~7 years olds seem to be read” at that time. Suhyun answered “the book asked to be found and it asked the father’s friend in U.S.A in the middle school student from Korea”. The Ieoneunya with the Ppeulla in the answer of Suhyun ” Engilsh One where there was the number to speak Engilsh at the time and which questions again and which it is surprised It flies into a rage about the relevant speech and Jeura E Miller at the side becomes a hot issue in this. There is no man asking usually to Caucasian ‘the line child to speak Engilsh increases’. For this reason, it is acknowledged as the racialdiscriminatianal speech that it asks to the colored people ‘the line child to speak Engilsh increases’ or White praises the English proficiency. This written apology of Ppeulla incited 0 minutes of the netizens again. The reason its own action done previously was cooked up as ‘ignorance’ from was mentioned One that it did ‘the rolling apology’ Easily this situation seems not to subside due to the written apology without his authenticity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737719.htm, 2018/11/09 11:44:28]