Jang Yoon-Jung begetting a daughter and “among the center recruitment Doh Kyung-Wan looks” (speciality)


The singer Jang Yoon-Jung held the healthy daughter in arms. Like this, the Jang Yoon-Jung agency child okay company told on 9th that he gave birth to the girl of the weight 3.2kg at the hospital which revealed and Jang Yoon-Jung is located in Seoul this afternoon. Jang Yoon-Jung is restoring the health according to the agency among the congratulation of the husband Doh Kyung-Wan and families. Previously, Jang Yoon-Jung KBS Doh Kyung-Wan announcer and past, in 2013, all Maeeot the marriage vow The molluscum military, that is the son, was held in arms after in 2014. As to jang Yoon-Jung Doh Kyung-Wan couple, 1 daughter, 1 son, that is, the parents of 2 children changed into this begetting a daughter now. Under is the agency official position speciality. Hello. It is the singer Jang Yoon-Jung Ssi agency I okay company TN enter operation division. Jang Yun-jeong gave birth to the girl of the weight 3.2kg at the hospital of Seoul somewhere afternoon with today, (9 days). Presently, the child is altogether fine. And it is taking a rest including the announcer Doh Kyung-Wan who is the husband in the congratulation of the family and acquaintances. Jang Yoon-Jung is recovering healthily through the agency. It thanked truly blessing all, the impressions was conveyed. Pray for this seat to many people congratulating the birth of the second baby and give of the gratitude greeting. It decide to visit in the near seal with the good looks. Thank you
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737776.htm, 2018/11/09 17:51:16]