Like Sugyo Chung and calendar drawn directly


The hobby of the actor Sugyo Chung (32) is unique. One which draws the calendar directly and fills up the plan Every day of Sugyo Chung who ‘run’ ‘shooting of TV show’ back is big and who is small is full written in the calendar drawn with deft strokes. As doing it, the year 1 which Sugyo Chung makes is full in no time. If it is over, It becomes the quite nice recording. The integer Gyo which plans its own life in orderly manner and records The Filmography, moreover, it doesn’t hurry and is solid. There is not the intentional the Ssat baby. The year 2,018 the sameness Sugyo Chung was full of the nice plans in the planned life calendar directly. Sugyo Chung played a role of the private loan trader bad luck paints which it cannot hate in the TvN drama ‘Langgun of on 100th’ ended in the popular recently. In MBN drama same ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’ which it televises to be sour, it was resentful as the cruel entertainment representative Beomchoo Kim bothering the star Kippeum Choo (the eulogy Ha gloss) insistently. In 2 same dramas which are broadcasted to be sour, it is Sugyo Chung coming and going the other character at all. His expressing the bad luck paints and Beomchoo Kim altogether naturally appearance left the strong impression to the TV viewer. It faced on 1st office building passing the year 5 car actor and Sugyo Chung that it would like to cost the light acting. Entirely one laughed shyly the interview was awkward yet could feel the fascination serious of the actor Sugyo Chung in the dialogue coming and going for some time. – ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’ and ‘Langgun of on 100th’ was broadcasted at the similar time and the shooting accomplished at the similar time (smile). It was like that and because of being very different, ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’ and ‘Langgun of on 100th’ the time background the character taking charge was not difficult to the same time act. It thinks that various experiences could be tried as the actor and it was the rather good opportunity. – especially, ‘Langgun of on 100th’ is thinking gratefully of the part really getting the love of the beyond expectation. The bad luck seven the private loan traders I acting is the character who lures the circle interest (kyongsu Do) losing the early stage in play memory and does 30 denominations of weight the high interest money. It tells on the circle interest it realizes in the circle interest objection end and it turns over a new leaf. The audiences attached “it is cute” the comment on the last (smile). – The reason why it appears 2 works altogetherIt decided to consider the Langgun Nim ‘ of on 100th in advance. The fun which left the quantity and which the character awards was important and it thought. The character that it is the bad luck paints approached very in three dimensions. All Naet the greed it likes the feel contrary to the horse paints one of which the shooting time is similar knew ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’ character proposal came after The thirst about the work was without reservation big. … there was the interregnum it was not long- there was the worth suggesting the greed but it is satisfactory. Because the amount was many compared with the idea, ‘Langgun of on 100th’ worried on character in one’s own way and it was the chance which it will grow to the acting. By no means, the movie is used because of debutting as the movie. So, it was the mood in which it studies the drama of which the breathing is long by the experienced one, moreover, the acting. – Ha-ha-ha, It is likely to become ‘the Insaeng Jak’. My ‘the Insaeng Jak’ is ‘the friend 2’ in fact. It debutted as ‘the friend 2’ and the director that is good for this work, good friend (woobean Kim), and agency so far is Mannaeu. Hyeyeong who is the monk friend of Woobean Kim role of was played in the movie. The memory which there was no mind because Ohsung Yoo senior saw when reading the script for the first time appears. The unbelievable to appear in the sequel of the movie seen really enjoyably memory appears. – there was no and ‘one shot’ which is strong with the acting career in 5 yet is right. The acting which I install yet thinks that there is the excessive part (smile). It has to be the light smoke the year. The good acting would like to be cost. There is the yet lacking part. ‘one shot’ thinks maybe to come to the back where it acts well little more. It is the place which it will come to the ready man. And ‘one shot’ for is waited and sweat mange is not smoke. One’s own result it be because be gotten. This result is the same as ‘okay’ sign-in one of the director (smile). ‘okay’ one ‘sum total’ is completed the acting, camera angle, lights, sound, and property all this things which I install are all in harmonyIf it shouts, the joy at that time coming cannot be finished with the word. – the meaning was different if there was the role model. However, the senior making the encounter of the movie ‘insides’ was seen and the hope was very gotten. It was the movie in which Lee Byung-hun and Seongwoo Cho senior is the star. However, it was the sense of presence which when compared with en it doesn’t make. The acting like the senior making the encounter would like to be cost. – In 2019, the plan? – there is no particular hobby and if it is pitiful but there is, it likes in fact to draw the calendar directly and make a note of this and that. The red fish small every day will use to be placed and if the calendar which I draw next year was filled with the schedule, it will be good (smile). It is the goal of the life and ‘the big picture’ the goal as it were that it costs the frank acting while there is no… redundancy. The character like the silent country-young man or one challenging the human drama the short-term goals high (smile). The scent of person I would like to act and it wants to present for long.
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