‘one person agency’ self-support Chaeyeon and wing can be sweet.


Unawares, the singer Chaeyeon entering the car with the debut in 15 broke the long silence and the feed back of ‘sexy DevaneyDevine’ was informed before. It is him who receives the help of the agency so far and has been spreading the singer activity but is different this time. The reason it came out on the self-support one person agency was established In intense sound source market, it gets attention if Chaeyeon can put up the wing again. P.m. 2 on 9th, in the Seoul Gangnam-ku diary art hall, the single album ‘the Bwat person’ (Bazzaya) commemoration of sale showcase of Chaeyeon opened. This comeback of Chaeyeon is 6 months after the single album ‘the video it doesn’t see’ in 2015 in 3. As to especially, this new album, it is expected to become the album commemorating the debut in the 15th anniversary. The singer JBJ, Chiyeol Hwang, and joy equivalent numbers and Real-Fantasy (the real-fantasy) which worked and works with the omnipotence producer Bull$ EyE (bulls-eye) and covers a wide range of genres astro, april, and Ttin pagoda lamp majority idol who and rises as the Hat trendy composer cooperates and the album this time becomes a hot issue. The new album of Chaeyeon, as to the same time is released in not only Korea it is being actively active but also China. Chaeyeon get the love which is abundant in China by Korean entertainer is the plan that it strengthens the global working position as well as the domestic beginning with this showcase more. Chaeyeon who doesn’t engage the active activity in Korea so far The interest which is abundant in his recent condition leaned. This day Chaeyeon was actively not ” Korean activity. However, this day Chaeyeon was doing occasionally and took one volume of drama some days ago. It was the horror movie project in which six countries of Asia takes part and I got to appear as the representative. It was just in time broadcasted on the coming eleventh that I come out and the recent condition was informed before. After that, be so nervous. It thought that it put all down. There was ‘done one can be done’ and idea called ‘it did for 15 years’. However, the reality was different. After the day was nervous and okay idea will be repeated daily and it was each days like the hell (?), “***” album will be put out, the day was determined, it had a dream. It was really the detail that it goes up to the stage in the condition that nothing is not ready. The meaning that it prepares more eagerly was not and the comeback impression was revealed. Because of being the sound source which first of all, this new album brings out for the first time after doing the self-support with the agency in which Chaeyeon is 1, this sense is deep. As to Chaeyeon, the people whom ” album this time gets could do and it was always the same I was a little different. There was no to be the album which I left for the nest and came out to one person agency and comes out for the first time and not go through my hand through one till the row, I learned “***” really much. I was regarded as ‘the economic singer’ and there is completely no to it is trying to make the album in reality, know. New one was much learned and it studied by oneself and the album was made and the attachment was revealed. In the meantime, it was used to get the support of ” someone. The music which I would like to install wanted to be done. I felt because there was much if the table was set up that it held up the spoon and ate, “***” conducted all ones alone in fact, I don’t know than the idea. The year 15 was past whether it made debut but ‘it has to run by oneself with the step’ and idea called ‘it bites to be poor because of me’ got to be done and the reason why it gets to make the self-support was revealed. When the man telling me about the parting repenting and coming back, then the housekeeping of the content that ‘the Bwat person’, that is the title song, will not accept was contained. It added to the aspects of woman which was little more confident and the self esteem is high to be sexy of Chaeyeon. The oriental theme line was added to one melody and the Mum baton rhythm was doubled with the base to be fresh. Especially the fun which armed with the hook which the toxicity is simultaneously high with the line composition in which introduction development turn and conclusion are certain and which it listens was raised. He worked with ” composer bulls-eye. It explained as the tune ” which it helped the task that is abundant in my previous album and helped eagerly and thanked, even though I worked and it was very a nuisance the Yangjeok Dong mood of “***” Mum baton appears. After that, ” (the horse called ‘ Bwat person) is the expression which we write down much when we tell in fact. The person, you come back to me again and when being, do well. That meaning was being included and it added. In the meantime, it took care of the album this time much as much as it was ” debut 15 anniversary. It spoke strongly as the tune ” like my child it comes out while the title song passed through many modifications. The large idols including Chaeyeon releases the album on November group wanna circle, Tteuwaiseu, exo, in which and etc. are waiting for the comeback. Was there no pressure? With respect to this, isn’t the comeback serious disturbance even if it comes out anytime? Because there are the lot of the originally outstanding idols, even if it comes out on how long, it is likely to be difficult to avoid. It was likely to be not involved with one and I of which hes come back and laughed and told. It knows well and Chaeyeon has finally not to canmove toward the first place of music chart rank to ” album this time. However, there seem to be a lot of the people who think that singer that it is ‘chaeyeon’ will be good if it could come out and it inform because of sing this song, I am still active with “***” in China. The song was the song but it wanted to inform continuously to be the man who Chaeyeon can continue the working and who can give the strength which is good for the front of everyone in the future and the wish was conveyed. In the meantime, the new single album ‘the Bwat person’ is brought out on the coming 13th and it stretches on the singer activity in 3 in just 6 months.
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